Republicans say they are close to a deal with Democrats to make Obama's amnesty executive permanent, and expand it to give citizenship to millions of illegal aliens...

After Donald Trump took office, he announced that he was ending Barack Obama's illegal alien amnesty executive order. 

Essentially, what Obama did was sign an executive order directing the Federal government not to enforce our immigration laws against certain illegal aliens. But he went even further than that. Obama also started handing out work permits to illegal aliens too.

That was extremely illegal. Federal law says that illegal aliens can never legally work in the United States. Obama got around this by promising not to prosecute illegals for that either.

At the heart of the entire executive order was Obama's promise not to prosecute illegal aliens for the crimes they commit. When Trump took office, he decided that the government should enforce all immigration laws. So, he rescinded Obama's executive order.

Liberals began freaking out and filed court challenges trying to block Trump's decision. It worked. Clinton and Obama Judges issued injunctions blocking the President from enforcing the law, as written. They ordered Trump to continue issuing illegal work permits to illegal aliens until the Supreme Court can have the final say.

Well, that is about to happen. In early November, the Supreme Court will hear this case.

Democrats are freaking out. Establishment Republicans are freaking out. They wanted to be able to keep Obama's executive order in place without having to pass it into law. But now that the Supreme Court is poised to tear it all down, they are scrambling to pass a complete amnesty bill before it's too late.

But they aren't just trying to give amnesty to the 800k illegal aliens in Obama's program... They want to hand out amnesty to millions of illegals!

The bill is called the American Dream and Promise Act. This is what is known as a clean amnesty bill. What that means is that it doesn't trade border enforcement in exchange for amnesty. It would simply legalize millions of illegals...

Democrats know that the Supreme Court is about to rule against them. That is why they are rushing to resurrect this bill and push it through by any means necessary. They have tried to pass this before as a standalone bill, but this time the Left thinks they have enough Republican support to push it through...

The bill would grant amnesty and a pathway to citizenship to 2.5 million illegal aliens, which is more than three-times the number of illegals covered under Obama's amnesty executive order.

That is reason enough to fight back against this legislation. But the bill actually goes much further than just that: it offers a pathway to citizenship for illegal alien convicted criminals.

You read that right: the American Dream and Promise Act stipulates that illegal aliens are eligible for instant amnesty and a pathway to citizenship as long as they have not committed more than 2 misdemeanors. But it actually gets worse. If an illegal alien has been convicted of 3 or 4 misdemeanors, then he or she would go on probation for 5 or 10 years (respectively) before becoming eligible for the program. If they can avoid another conviction in that time, then they would get amnesty and citizenship too. This is insane. 

For years, liberal cities and states have allowed illegal aliens to plead down from felonies to misdemeanors in order to protect them from deportation. Take identity theft as an example. That should be a felony. But far too often, illegal aliens are allowed to plead it down to a crime like "Misdemeanor Possession of Forged Documents." The same goes for drug and assault charges.

This is why the Left has fought so hard to stop Trump's deportation raids. Their bill would turn these illegal alien criminals into citizens, and Republicans are on board!

Stop the surrender! Send your instant message to Congress right now and STOP the GOP and Democrats from passing this radical amnesty bill!

Immediately after Trump canceled Obama's amnesty executive order, Republicans and Democrats came to him with a deal: they were willing to trade full amnesty in exchange for border wall funding. But Trump saw through the trap. While the amnesty would have been permanent, the border wall construction would have stretched for months, if not years, giving Congress plenty of time to claw the funding back.

That is what always happens with immigration reform. Ronald Reagan agreed to give amnesty to illegal aliens in exchange for border barrier funding. But once the deal was signed, Congress reneged and refused to pass the funding. The same happened with George W Bush. He agreed to scale back deportation raids, but Democrats blocked funding from going to the Secure Fence Act of 2006.

Donald Trump decided to go it alone. He declared a national emergency at the southern border and was able to get the funding on his own. The administration is now on-pace to build between 450 and 500 miles of new border wall in the next 11 months.

Republicans should be celebrating. But instead, these cowards are working with Democrats to finalize the numbers in their amnesty bill.

Instead of putting their foot down and blocking the legislation, the GOP is negotiating how many millions of illegal aliens should receive amnesty and citizenship and how many crimes they should be allowed to have committed to remain eligible... It is disgusting...

Establishment Republicans believe that they need to pass an amnesty bill in order to stay in power. They believe that they will be voted out unless they give Pelosi and the Democrats what they want.

After years of promising to defeat this illegal amnesty program, Republicans are now trying to expand it and make it permanent.

Don't let them stab you in the back!

Stop them from passing this amnesty bill!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily