On Monday night, Joe Biden announced that he was putting "Beto" O'Rourke in charge of his campaign's gun control policy. This is a big deal considering that "Beto" O'Rourke had previously promised to go door-to-door to confiscate Americans' firearms if he were ever elected.

So, when Biden went with "Beto" after the rally to get a late night hamburger (yes, they actually did that), Biden was asked by a customer whether he would be adopting O'Rourke's radical gun control agenda now.

Joe Biden looked directly into the camera and said,

"This guy ["Beto"] can change the face of what we're dealing with, with regard to guns, assault weapons... If I win, I'm coming for them."

It took all this time, but Joe Biden finally has admitted that he wants to confiscate Americans' guns.

However, if he wins the nomination and then the Presidency -- which would still be a tall order going up against President Trump -- Biden wouldn't have the power to actually do this on day one. It is against Federal law for the FBI or DOJ to keep a registry of American gun owners or their firearms, so door to door confiscation raids remain impossible.

But Democrats have a plan for that. They are pushing a handful of bills that, if passed, would give the US government the power to keep track of who owns what guns, and then use that registry to confiscate them!

Don't let the Establishment make any more progress on this gun control "compromise!" Tell Congress right now that any Congressman or Senator who votes for any of these gun registration proposals will face the wrath of the voters!

The main bill in their package is H.R.8. This legislation, quite simply, would force Americans to ask the government for permission whenever they want to buy/sell/transfer a firearm. Americans would have to fill out paperwork and submit it to the government. Only after the government approves the sale/transfer would they be allowed to take the gun home.

Democrats have been fighting for this for years. They call it "Universal Background Checks," but this bill is nothing but a way to finally create a nationwide gun owner registry.

Think about it. The only way for a background check law to be enforced is if the government keeps a record of who owns what guns. Without these records, it is impossible for the government to prove whether a gun was transferred legally or not.

New Jersey was one of the first states to implement their own background check system. But the only reason it works is because New Jersey residents are also required to register their handguns with the State.

World history teaches us that gun registration always leads to confiscations. And I am not just talking about dictatorships like the USSR, China, or Venezuela. The same is true in "Western" democracies like the UK, Canada, and Australia. Before those governments could confiscate their guns, they had to create a registry first. That is what Democrats are trying to do now.

That is why it is so concerning to see what other bills Democrats are throwing into the package. One bill in particular -- H.R. 5949 -- would give the FBI the power to hold onto background check forms "as long as necessary." Right now, when you go to buy a firearm, the FBI can run your background check but is required by law to destroy the record within 24 hours. That provision is in place specifically to prevent the creation of a gun registry. This new bill would change the law to let the government hold onto them "as long as necessary."

The GOP has its own version of this bill, and it is just as bad. In a memo that leaked late last year, Establishment Republicans have been working on a gun registration bill of their own. The GOP's plan doesn't create a centralized database, but it would require that when Americans buy/sell/transfer guns privately, they fill out a bunch of forms and then preserve those documents for at least 5 years...

That's right, if you sold a gun under the GOP's "compromise" plan, you would have to hold onto the bill of sale for at least five years and surrender it to the Federal government on request. If a Democrat wanted to create a registry, they would have all of the paperwork needed to do it...

This is not a "compromise." There is no such thing as "meeting halfway" on gun registration and confiscation.

Democrats are hopeful that they can work out a deal. Even if they went along with the GOP plan, the Left knows that they would be able to set the stage for nationwide gun confiscations.

It is getting scary. It was one thing when Beto O'Rourke was prancing around threatening to confiscate Americans' firearms. He had no power to do anything and dropped out before the first votes were even cast. But now that Joe Biden has adopted the radical confiscation proposal as his own, it is getting scary.

And if the Democrats or Establishment Republicans get their way, this confiscation plan would be possible!

Say NO to the Left's gun registration plan! Tell Congress right now that any Congressman or Senator who votes for any of these gun registration proposals will face the wrath of the voters!

This is coming down the pike. For the past week, Pelosi's office has been trying to whip up votes for a "compromise" gun control package.

The only reason to pass these kinds of bills into law is to set the stage for confiscations. There is literally no other reason to require that gun owners register their firearms.

And the fact that there are Republicans meeting with the Left to work out a "compromise" is terrifying. They are literally talking about selling us all out...

We are calling on all like-minded Conservatives to stand with us today and help us deliver half a million FaxBlasts to Congress DEMANDING that they kill these registrations and honor their oaths to defend the 2nd Amendment.

Each and every member of Congress swore an oath to defend the Constitution and that includes the right to keep and bear arms.

It is time for them to be reminded of that oath and reminded that oathbreakers will be held accountable!

And we need your help to deliver that message!

Put a stop to this "compromise" gun registration plan! Tell Congress right now that any Congressman or Senator who votes for any of these gun registration proposals will face the wrath of the voters!

Stop them before it's too late!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily