Breaking: Nancy Pelosi is in the final stages of striking a deal with the GOP to pass new gun control into law.

Democrats have a serious problem: they won back the House of Representatives on a promise to actually pass new legislation. But instead of doing the people's work, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have spent the past year focusing only on investigations. And they are paying the price because of it...

Yesterday, I told you how a new poll in Wisconsin has shown that independents are turning on the Left for their impeachment sham. Trump now leads almost all Democrats in that state.

But after that poll came out, an even more important poll was released from Emerson. Donald Trump now leads or is tied with every Democrat in the race. A month ago, Trump was trailing in this poll by double digits in some cases. 

We have reported that Democrats are scrambling to stem the bleeding. Vulnerable Dems are begging Pelosi to take impeachment off the table and censure the President instead. Basically, a censure vote is nothing but a slap on the wrist.

Pelosi, however, has a different plan: she wants to ram her party's radical legislation down the country's throat. And that starts with the Democrats' unconstitutional gun control package!

Please, help us stop Pelosi's "compromise" gun registration and confiscation package before it is too late! Tell all Republicans and Democrats that anyone who votes for this unconstitutional gun control legislation must be removed from office!

I know what you're saying: "What does gun control have to do with anything? Everyone is focused on impeachment!"

Well, Pelosi went to the podium yesterday for her weekly press conference and declared that House Democrats are moving forward with their gun control plans.

Over the past week, the Speaker's office has been reaching out to so-called "moderate" Republicans asking what legislation they would be willing to team-up on. And time and time again, the same answer kept popping up: gun control.

Pelosi now says she has enough Republican support in the House and Senate to pass three gun control bills designed to chip away at your rights.

The first is actually a Republican bill called the Extreme Risk Protection Order and Violence Prevention Act (S.7). Written by Marco Rubio, this bill would give the government the power to disarm innocent gun owners.

Yes, you read that correctly. Instead of needing a criminal conviction to revoke someone's gun rights, this bill would allow the government to confiscate your guns simply by convincing a judge that you may be dangerous. And the government wouldn't even need to charge you with a crime first!

The next bill is called the Bipartisan Background Checks Act (H.R.8). This legislation would give the government the power to create a record every time a firearm changes hands in this country. Right now, the ATF is only notified when a gun is purchased from a licensed dealer. This bill would force you to notify the government whenever you buy or sell a gun privately.

This would give the Democrats the power to finally create a gun owner registry. The Left knows that the only way they can ever take away Americans' guns is if they first know who owns them. This registry would do just that. World history teaches us that whenever a country has created such a registry, that database was eventually used to carry out mass confiscations...

The third bill, believe it or not, may actually be the most dangerous. The Enhanced Background Checks Act (H.R.1112) would give the government the power to literally run out the clock on gun purchases. Right now, when you go to buy a gun from a store, the background check is supposed to be instant. But technically, the FBI is allowed to take up to 72 hours to process it. If after three days they haven't completed the check, then you are allowed to take the gun home with you.

This bill, however, would expand the window to 10 business days. And if you want to appeal a rejection, the government would have another 10 business days to process that. Added up, that is an entire month. Since a background check is only good for 30 calendar days before it has to be redone, H.R.1112 would give the government the power to run out the clock on millions of gun purchases a year. They could simply block law abiding Americans from completing the purchase.

This is what the Left has always wanted: the power to keep a registry of who owns guns, disarm innocent people, and stop law abiding Americans from acquiring more firearms. That is the Left's end goal here.

And Nancy Pelosi now says she has Republican support to pass it all!

Please, help us stop Pelosi's "compromise" gun registration and confiscation package before it is too late! Tell all Republicans and Democrats that anyone who votes for this unconstitutional gun control legislation... will be removed from office!

Pelosi has said that the last time she spoke with President Trump on the phone, it was about this gun control "compromise" package. She says they were close to striking a deal to pass new gun control bills into law. However, she announced the impeachment "inquiry" that same day and the two haven't spoken since (for obvious reasons).

But the House and Senate Republicans who were willing to cave then -- such as Rep. Peter King (R-NY) and Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) -- are still willing to cave now. The traitors in the GOP believe they need to pass gun control in order to save their careers. They have literally offered to sell you out to protect themselves. Others, like King, are retiring and feel they can 'vote their conscience' without having to fear the American voters...

I cannot stress enough how dangerous this gun control package is. It would give the Left everything they have ever wanted. The government would gain the power to keep a record of who owns what guns. They would then be able to use that record to target innocent gun owners and confiscate their firearms without even charging them with a crime. And lastly, the FBI would gain the power to run out the clock and block millions of law abiding gun owners from being able to purchase new guns.

There is no coming back from this if it passes... And the Democrats are moving this package forward!

The only thing that has been holding it back is Mitch McConnell. But after a Democrat was just elected Governor in his home state of Kentucky, even McConnell is starting to waver on his commitment to the 2nd Amendment...

If Pelosi is able to keep advancing the gun control package forward, it will be too late then to stop it. That is why we MUST need stop this anti-gun package right now before it picks up any more steam. And we cannot do this without your help!

Take a stand,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily