Out of all of the things going on in Washington DC, this is perhaps the most important fight we will have over the next ten years. And it is all over these nine words: "Is this person a citizen of the United States?"

Those are the nine words that the Trump administration wants to re-add this question to the 2020 census. I say re-add because this question used to be on it. But the Obama administration decided to remove the question from the form. 10 years later, the Left is claiming that it is suddenly radical to get a count of how many American citizens there are living in each state...

At the end of June, Supreme Court Justice John Roberts sided with the Liberals on the bench and voted to stop President Trump from adding the citizenship question to the 2020 census. But just yesterday, Attorney General William Barr announced that the Department of Justice has found a legal path to get the citizenship question onto the census that complies with the Supreme Court's decision.

Democrats, of course, were furious. Last night, Nancy Pelosi delivered a letter to all House Democrats promising that she would be bringing multiple bills to the floor this week to stop the President from asking this question on the census. But she isn't stopping there. Pelosi has also bowed to the radical left's demands and agreed to hold both Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in Criminal Contempt over the census question.

The Left knows they are close to losing their grip on power. And just like a cornered dog, this only makes them more dangerous!

Don't let Pelosi block the Census citizenship question! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill the Every Person Counts Act and block the Left's Contempt resolutions!

The reason they are so terrified of these nine words being added to the census is that it would likely take away their political power. You see, the Left is afraid that if this question is added to the census, illegal aliens will be less likely to fill the census forms out. That's right, the census counts all persons living in the United States, even illegals.

If illegal aliens refuse to fill out the form, then they would not be counted and liberal states like California and New York would lose congressional seats and Electoral College votes. Refusing to fill out the census, or lying on the census, is also a Federal crime, which would increase the number of illegal aliens eligible for immediate deportation.

Here is the truth: Liberal states are given more Congressional representatives and more power during Presidential elections because illegal aliens are counted in the census.

There are as many as 26 million illegal aliens living in the United States. This year, the Trump administration estimates that around 1 million additional illegals will cross the border. If that happens, each of these 27 million illegal aliens will be counted in the census and used to calculate how much political power each state will have for the next decade. It will skew the results to favor left-leaning states.

Right now, it is estimated that FIVE of California's Congressional seats and Electoral College electors exist solely because of how many illegal aliens lived in California when the 2010 census was taken. If illegal aliens and non-citizens were not counted in the census, seats taken away from states like CA, NY, and FL would likely lead to TX, IN, MS, KY, UT, PA, OK, MI, and WI each gaining an extra Congressional seat (all states that voted for Trump)

Even a modest swing of five or six seats to traditionally Republican states would completely shift the balance of power during Presidential elections. It would cause a net swing of +10 or +12 Electoral College votes away from Liberal states to traditionally conservative and battleground ones.

The Democrats' political power rests on the Federal government not being allowed to count how many illegal aliens and non-citizens live in their states. And Nancy Pelosi just promised to stop Trump from counting them!

You cannot let Pelosi and the Democrats block the citizenship question from being added the Census! Send your urgent FaxBlast now and FORCE Congress to kill the Every Person Counts Act and block the Left's Contempt resolutions!

Pelosi is trying to bring two measures to the floor for a vote this week. The first is going to be a version of the Every Person Counts Act. Originally introduced by Bob Menendez (D-NJ) in the Senate, the legislation would prohibit the Federal government from using the Census to "elicit any information regarding United States citizenship or immigration status." Simply put, this bill would outlaw the citizenship question all together.

But the more sinister part of Pelosi's plan targets the two men responsible for enacting this change: Attorney General William Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. Pelosi plans hold Barr and Ross in Criminal Contempt for their attempts to put the citizenship question onto the census.

The Trump administration is racing the clock to get the question added. Pelosi knows that even a small hiccup or delay in the timing will prevent the administration from getting the question added before the census forms hit the mail. That is why she is burying the DOJ and Commerce Department in subpoenas and trying to punish the two men who are enacting the change.

The Left doesn't need to kill the question. They just need to run out the clock a little more...

The entire political left has mobilized because their grip on power truly depends on it. The Left owes its House majority and Electoral College advantage almost entirely to illegal aliens and non-citizens counted in the census. That is why they are refusing to go down without a fight.

But many in the GOP are also siding with Pelosi on this. Remember, there are Republican Congressional seats (in states like Florida and Georgia) that would disappear if illegal aliens and non-citizens were not counted. They would still be held by Republicans, just Republicans from other states. GOPers are literally teaming up with Pelosi because they care more about saving their jobs than getting this question added...

But for Conservatives, this really is the opportunity of a lifetime. This is a chance to, literally, take this country back. But the clock is running out.

We cannot do this without you. Please join this fight right now!

Don't let Pelosi and the Democrats block the citizenship question on the Census! Please, send your urgent FaxBlast now and FORCE Congress to kill the Every Person Counts Act and block the Left's Contempt resolutions!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily