While all eyes were on Donald Trump's trip to London for the Nato meetings, Nancy Pelosi was leading a Congressional Delegation to Madrid, Spain for the United Nations' annual Climate Change Treaty Conference.

The Conference was supposed to be off limits to US government officials. Since President Trump ordered the United States to withdraw from the treaty -- which Barack Obama had no Constitutional or legal right to sign in the first place. America's table at the Conference was supposed to be empty.

But Nancy Pelosi showed up with 14 Congressional Democrats and decided to represent the United States instead.

That alone is a crime. The Logan Act prohibits US citizens from engaging in non-sanctioned diplomacy abroad. Basically, unless you are tasked with carrying out US foreign policy, no other American is allowed to speak on behalf of the United States. As you might remember, this is the crime that the Obama administration used to target Gen. Michael Flynn and listen in on his calls with foreign leaders.

Pelosi, however, doesn't care. With Democrats trying to remove not only Donald Trump from office, but also now talking about investigating Vice President Mike Pence, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi would be the third in line for the Presidency. She is so desperate for power that she can't even stop herself from trying to grab it...

But it was what Nancy Pelosi said in Madrid that was truly seditious. Knowing full well that the President of the United States had begun withdrawing from the UN's radical Paris Climate Treaty, Pelosi told the world leaders in attendance to ignore Donald Trump and instead work with Congressional Democrats to impose their climate agenda onto the American people.

"We're still in [the treaty]," Pelosi promised the world.

This isn't just illegal, it is a textbook example of sedition. Pelosi flew overseas to conspire with foreign countries on ways to get around President Trump's withdrawal order. Considering that the countries she met with want to bleed the United States dry, yes, her actions were even treasonous.

She must be removed from power!

Kick Nancy Pelosi to the curb! Tell Congress that they must stop Nancy Pelosi and remove her from office before she does any more damage to the country!

What is even more sinister is how Democrats plan to get around Trump's withdrawal order. 

Pelosi has announced that next week, Congress will begin taking up the bills needed to fund the government through next year. One of those bills will be H.R.2839, the State Department, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Act. In that bill is a provision that would stop Donald Trump from withdrawing from the UN Climate Treaty and force him to restart the "donation" payments that Obama had promised them.

Pelosi met with world leaders in Madrid to devise a way to stop Trump from withdrawing and now that she is back in the United States, she is planning to do just that.

She has engaged in a shadow diplomacy to undermine the President of the United States and is now openly advancing to save this unconstitutional treaty and cement it into US law... 

And that is what our campaign today is about. The evidence is indisputable. Not only did Nancy Pelosi violate the US law by engaging in a shadow diplomacy abroad, but she has unapologetically instructed the entire world to ignore the President of the United States and work with Congressional Democrats instead.

She has openly violated the law and engaged in sedition against this administration. And now that she is back on US soil, Pelosi is advancing a bill to make Obama's treaty signature permanent, even though Congress never ratified it.

Nancy Pelosi must be removed from office and it is up to YOU to demand it!

Kick Nancy Pelosi to the curb! Tell Congress that they must stop Nancy Pelosi and remove her from office before she does any more damage to the country!

Pelosi also just announced that she takes no pleasure in trying to remove Donald Trump from office or undermine his agenda. She claims that she 'prays for the President every day" and is moving forward with impeachment "with a heart full of love."

Well, I can tell you one thing. We take great pleasure in calling for Nancy Pelosi's removal as Speaker of the House. By all measures, the country will be better off without her.

It is with a heart full of love that we announce we are doubling down on our campaign to remove Nancy Pelosi! Our new goal today is to bombard Congress with 1 million FaxBlasts forcing them to hold Nancy Pelosi accountable and remove her from the Speakership.

Pelosi only won the Speakership because she promised to govern down-the-middle. Now that she is moving full speed ahead with impeachment and undermining Trump's Presidency, her own party is turning on her. If a vote on her Speakership was held today, she would not win!

It is up to you to force that vote!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily