Democrats are launching another power grab. This time, trying to literally create two new Democrat Senators out of thin air. Nancy Pelosi just announced that she is forcing a vote this week on legislation that would make Washington DC the 51st state (and give Democrats even more power in Congress).

Before I get into how catastrophic this would be, I need to explain the history of this. When the Founding Fathers created this country, there was a lot that they disagreed on. The whole process of drafting the Constitution required dozens of "compromises" in order to get a document that every state would sign off on.

All parties agreed that the Articles of Confederation -- the system of Government predating our current Constitutional Republic -- was an abysmal failure. However, there was tremendous disagreement over what an ideal Federal government would actually look like.

There was a constant push and pull, not only to prevent the Federal government from gaining too much power, but also to prevent any one state from becoming too powerful.

This came to a head during the debate over where the nation's capital should be. Under the Articles of Confederation, the country did not have a permanent capital. Much of that was due to the need to stay one step ahead of advancing British soldiers. Philadelphia, New York, Trenton (New Jersey), Princeton (New Jersey), and Annapolis (Maryland) all served as "capitals" where the Congress could meet.

But with war over and no longer any need to conduct the country's business in secret, the Founders knew America needed a permanent capital. The problem? Every state wanted the capital and no state trusted any of the others with hosting the country's capital city.

Eventually, a compromise was reached. James Madison wrote in Federalist 43 that it was an "indispensible necessity" that the country's capital be autonomous and not controlled by any state. Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 states that the United States' Capital City cannot be in any state, and must instead be its own "district" made up of land donated or ceded by states.

In order to stop the infighting and make sure that no state was able to claim control of the Federal Capital, the District -- later named Washington D.C. -- is Constitutionally required NOT to be a state.

But now, Democrats want to tear up this 232-year-old compromise in order to give them more power in Washington DC. Nancy Pelosi has just announced that she is bringing this bill to the floor this week.

You must rise up and stop this bill!

Don't let the Democrats seize more power! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and force them to KILL Nancy Pelosi's DC Statehood bill before any more Republicans cave into her demands!

If Washington DC were to become a state, not only would their Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton become a full-blown Congresswoman (right now, she isn't allowed to vote), but the city would also get two Senators. 

In the modern era, a Republican Presidential candidate has never won Washington DC. The District of Columbis is, always have been, and always will be, a liberal stronghold.

This is simply designed to give the Democrats an extra Representative and two extra Senators in Congress. That is why Democrats are rushing this to the floor.

Amazingly, however, the GOP isn't blocking this. Instead of putting a stop to this, the GOP leadership is saying that it should be up to the Supreme Court to decide... No, that's not a joke. Instead of mobilizing to stop Pelosi from giving statehood to Washington DC, the GOP wants to entrust the Courts with stopping the far left...

They are cowards. Not all of them. But many of them truly are cowards...

Mitt Romney is the most vocal Republican who supports creating a 51st State. He has called on Puerto Rico to become a new state, which would also give the Democrats two extra Senators. Romney has suggested that he is also open to the idea of also giving statehood to DC.

A Gallup poll recently showed that roughly half of Republicans want there to be a 51st state, but if they had a choice, it would be Puerto Rico over DC.

This is why the Left is pushing this now. Nancy Pelosi believes that the time is right to give Washington DC statehood because  They believe they can get away with seizing more power.

And it is up to YOU to stop them!

Don't let the Democrats seize more power! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and force them to KILL Nancy Pelosi's DC Statehood bill before any more Republicans cave into her demands!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily