President Trump is slashing the UN's budget left and right.

Establishment Republicans have begged Trump to stop. He won't.

Now, Democrats are joining the fight. A group of 102 Democrats just sent President Trump a letter begging him to restore the UN funding he's cut. 

At issue is 65 million that was supposed to go to Palestine. The program is plagued by abuse and money that is supposed to go towards helping the people usually gets funneled to corrupt politicians or terror groups.

When news broke that Trump was slashing their budget, the Palestinian government criticized the administration for condemning the Palestinians to starve to death. The funny thing was that right after that, it was revealed that the Palestinian Authority had purchased a 50 million private jet.

They weren't mad because their people would go hungry. They were mad because they had already spent the aid on a new plane for their President.

Enough is enough. In President Trump's State of the Union speech, he promised to cut off aid to America's enemies. The Democrats deliberately sat on their hands and refused to clap. Now we know why.

Don't let them restore funding to the UN and our enemies! Send your FaxBlast now and DEMAND that Congress cut funding from the UN and every anti-American country!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. A chance to pull the plug on these idiotic policies once and for all.

For decades, Republicans and Democrats alike have just given away your taxdollars to foreign countries. Even when the UN would vote against us or other countries would condemn us, both parties continued handing out the payments to them. The whole practice is pathetic.

Now, Trump is finally putting America first: cutting off funding to our enemies and attaching strings to the UN's funding.

It's time to go even further.

Pull the plug on ALL of it! Send your instant FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress defund the UN and all enemy countries immediately!

Congress passed a budget. That sets the limits for government spending. The next step is to pass appropriations bills, which specifically allocate funding. The Democrats and liberal Republicans are scrambling to re-fund the United Nations in the State Department appropriations bill.

They have already attached an amendment to pull the rug out from under Trump and re-fund the UN climate treaty. Now they are moving to reverse the rest of Trump's cuts.

Stop them now!

Tell Congress to pull the plug and cancel all aid funding to the United Nations and enemies of America immediately!