Dear Conservative,

Over the past few weeks, the scandal plaguing the Department of Veterans Affairs has been overshadowed by other scandals rocking the administration.

The Obama administration is just hoping that the problems at the VA go away because the last thing that the Democrat party needs going into November is news of veterans being mistreated.

But the Obama administration can’t just wish this scandal away. The President can’t ignore the fact that well over 1,000 veterans have died as a direct result of the VA’s atrocious policies!

Douglas Chase lived in Acton, Massachusetts. He served his country during the Vietnam War and eventually returned home to settle down. In 2011, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Being a combat veteran, Doug reached out the VA to try and make an appointment to see a doctor.

Over a year went by and there was no response from the VA. Unfortunately, Doug passed away in 2012 as a result of his illness. The VA never got back to him and he was never able to see one of the doctors.

Now fast-forward two years. A few weeks ago, Douglas’ widow Suzanne received a letter addressed to her late husband. The Department of Veterans Affairs was reaching out to Douglas to inform him that a doctor would finally be able to see him… three years after he was first diagnosed and two years after he passed away.

This is STILL happening! We have been told by the administration that the problems in the VA are being fixed. That has been a LIE!

While the administration continues to try to distract you from the reality, we have veterans who have served their country honorably and are being ignored in their time of need!

It is absolutely despicable that it is taking this long for our veterans to receive the medical care that they earned!

The Veterans Affairs Department is STILL killing our veterans! Tell Congress that they MUST intervene and stop this needless death and suffering!

The VA is trying to get ahead of this scandal. The Department of Veterans Affairs is trying to claim that it did not know that Douglas Chase had passed away.

The only problem? The soldier’s widow applied for funeral benefits when her husband passed away and the Department DENIED her.

Why was the application for funeral benefits denied? The VA argues that he wasn’t eligible for benefits because – wait for it – he never saw a VA doctor.

Yes, that’s right. The VA kept Douglas Chase on one of the secret waiting lists, and then when he passed away, his benefits were withheld because he was never able to see a VA Doctor!


What pains me is the fact that Douglas Chase is likely the rule, not the exception. We know for a FACT that misconduct within the VA led to the deaths of over 1,000 veterans. Those are just the cases we know…

We have been told that the problems are being fixed, and yet the VA is still leaving Veterans dying on endless waiting lists!

The VA is still notifying veterans of their upcoming doctor’s appointments TWO YEARS after they passed away while stuck on a secret waiting list!

Tomorrow is Independence Day, a holiday where we celebrate the bravery of the 56 signatories of the Declaration of Independence. By signing their “John Hancock” to the page, these men were effectively signing their own death wish if the British ever caught them.

But Independence Day is also an opportunity to celebrate and honor the sacrifices of all those men and women who have answered the call since we declared our independence in 1776.

These veterans are the men and women who have answered the founders’ call and sacrificed sweat and blood to ensure that government of the People, by the People, and for the People shall never perish from the earth.

Our veterans – our defenders of liberty – deserve better than what Obama’s Department of Veterans Affairs is giving them! They deserve MUCH better!

There is absolutely no reason that they shouldn’t receive better! And there is absolutely no reason that we can’t DEMAND better for them!

They answered the call to defend us and protect our way of life. Now, it is our turn to answer the call and make sure that no veteran ever has to endure such humiliating and debasing treatment!

The Veterans Affairs Department is STILL killing our veterans! Tell Congress that they MUST intervene and stop this needless death and suffering!

They deserve better,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily