Dear Conservative,

Today is Independence Day, a day when millions of Americans will gather with friends and family to celebrate the birth of our nation.

Independence Day honors the brave sacrifice that 56 patriots made when they gathered in Philadelphia to affix their names to the most treasonous document of the time: the Declaration of Independence.

Since that fateful July day in 1776, the holiday has evolved to include barbequing, parades, and even used car sales at car dealerships. But the one truth remains: we would not be in a position to celebrate had those brave men not gathered together to sign the most radical document of the era.

However, our independence is not yet won. Contrary to what you may have learned in school, our independence was not gained on July 4, 1776, nor was it finalized when the British surrendered at Yorktown in 1781. Our fight for independence is ongoing.

We continue to fight this battle for independence every day, not against the British crown, but against the very part of man’s nature that compels individuals to pursue power.

While our forefathers were technically fighting against the British monarchy, they were also fighting against the prevalent notion that man was inherently unequal. They fought against the age-old belief that some men were born to rule and others were born to be ruled.

For when Thomas Jefferson penned those iconic words that “all men are created equal,” thus began a revolution that would fundamentally change how governments were formed and where they derive power. This revolution wasn’t fought on the battlefield but rather in the mind. All men and women were sovereign and, as such, the dichotomy separating the rulers and the ruled was abolished.

However, just because the 13 colonies vanquished the British Red Coats doesn’t mean that the fight is over. In fact, quite the opposite.

Every day we continue to fight the battle against tyranny that started exactly 238 years ago. We continue to fight against those politicians who seek to overturn our founding documents and revert this nation to a system of rulers and subjects. And under this President, we have slipped backwards in our fight.

This is an inherent part of the human condition. For as long as men congregate, there will always be people who seek to put themselves at the top.

On this day, we are not celebrating a victory. As revolutionary as the Declaration of Independence was, the fight against tyranny and despotism rages on today.

238 years ago, our forefathers began an experiment. The experiment isn’t a success because the results have yet to be determined. Our great republic is fragile and this great experiment with representative government could fail at any moment.

So on this Independence Day, do not celebrate the day for some 238 year old victory. Celebrate that you are so lucky as to have a place in this great and ongoing fight for individual freedom and limited governance.

But as a soldier fighting for freedom, know that you are being called to service. You are being called to participate in this great system and make a difference.

In the coming weeks, we will be rolling out new technologies to help amplify your voice and ensure that no matter where you are in the country, Congress can not avoid or ignore you!

I look forward to standing by your side as we fight to take this country back and I am proud to count you as a partner, an ally, and a friend.

Happy Independence Day,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily