Tonight is President Trump's State of the Union address. He will talk about all of his accomplishments over the past year and his ongoing effort to finally put America and Americans first. However, a large part of his party is still pressuring him to restore funding to UN agencies he cut this past year.

Yesterday, more than 13,000 United Nations employees launched a protest to try to pressure President Trump into giving them back their funding. They walked out of their jobs and accused Trump of trying to kill Palestinian children by cutting their aid.

Trump announced in January that he was cutting 65 million from the United Nations' budget destined for the Palestinian government. His reason is simple: the program is hopelessly corrupt and it isn't in the United States' interest to prop it up anymore.

The truth of the matter is that these UN bureaucrats walked out of their jobs because they realized that they won't have a job anymore thanks to Trump's cuts.

The United Nations is declaring that Trump's budget cuts will lead to an educational catastrophe in Palestine, making it impossible for them to purchase school supplies. They conveniently left out that the textbooks that Obama had promised to purchase for them actually teach children to kill Jews. Even their Math books include anti-Israeli and anti-American propaganda.

The UN is also declaring that a million people will go hungry because of Trump's international aid cut. Again, they conveniently left out that the Palestinian government could have focused on food aid, but instead got a brand new private jet for their government officials to use. The private jet cost about as much as the amount of aid that Trump cut. Coincidence? No way.

President Trump promised to pull the plug on wasteful foreign aid programs, especially against countries that continually attack us in the United Nations. This is him fulfilling that promise.

So, why on earth are Congressional Republicans trying to restore this funding?

Don't let these GOP cowards restore the Obama-level funding! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to cut American funding to the United Nations once and for all!

In December, the President Trump warned the world that any countries who voted to condemn the US in the United Nations would begin losing their funding. 

Republicans and Democrats laughed, saying that the President would never go ahead with that plan. 

What did President Trump do? He began cutting US aid to the United Nations left and right.

Normally, foreign aid levels are set by Congress. However, since Congress has yet to pass a long-term budget, the President has the authority to make these cuts.

The problem is that Congress must pass another spending bill by February 8th. They will either approve Trump's cuts or force him to make good on the foreign aid that Obama promised these countries.

If you want to get a feel for what Congress will do, look at what they have already passed.

The Senate Appropriations Committee passed an amendment forcing Trump to re-fund the United Nations' climate change agency. Trump pulled out of their sham treaty last summer and promised no more funding for it. This Senate Committee, with the help of GOP turncoats Lamar Alexander, Susan Collins, and Lindsey Graham, passed an amendment to pull the rug out from under the President.

This amendment is still in the State Department's appropriations bill, meaning that when Congress finally does pass a budget, the UN's climate agency will get its funding back.

This is all happening behind the scenes. They are counting on Conservatives not noticing these betrayals. And honestly, who would? No one pays attention to random Appropriation Committee votes. But now that you know, you have an obligation to do something. You MUST stop them!

Don't let these GOP cowards restore the Obama-level funding! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to cut American funding to the United Nations once and for all!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily