For months, Conservatives in Congress have been fighting against the Deep State to gain access to the files and documents that precipitated the Trump-Russia witch hunt.

Every time Congress subpoenaed records, the Deep State officials would just defy the lawful order and ignore the subpoena.

This past week, we bombarded Congress with 125k faxblasts demanding that these corrupt officials be held in Contempt of Congress and impeached. Your activism even got Steve Scalise, the House Majority Whip and #3 in Congress, on board.

The Department of Justice scrambled. They reached out to Devin Nunes and Trey Gowdy and begged for a way to avoid an impeachment vote. Nunes and Gowdy agreed to hold off if they were allowed to view the documents that the Deep State was hiding.

Now we know why they were so desperate to hide these documents from Congress: the Obama administration had a spy inside of the Trump campaign.

Remember when President Trump accused the Obama administration of wiretapping and spying on his campaign? The Obama officials responded by claiming that they never wiretapped anyone. The fact is that they had a spy inside the campaign recording everything they needed...

Obama knew that if Trump was elected, he would spend the next four years dismantling everything that he had accomplished. That is why the Obama administration was willing to do anything to stop Donald Trump from becoming President, even if that meant weaponizing the DOJ and the FBI against him!

 Send your instant message to Congress and DEMAND they seize these witch hunt documents and criminally charge every Obama official who was involved!

Conservatives in Congress have been fighting for the DOJ to reveal the key source behind their Russia witch hunt. We know that they used the bogus Clinton-paid-for dossier to help get the spy warrant on Trump's aides. But over the last few weeks, Conservatives have learned that the Obama administration had another source.

Just so we are clear: the FBI had someone on their payroll infiltrate the Donald Trump campaign in 2016 and relay information back to the political leadership at the Department of Justice. The same political leadership that was caught secretly meeting with Bill Clinton aboard a private plane.

Members of Congress are telling us that the Obama administration didn't flip a Trump campaign worker. They infiltrated the campaign. They considered Donald Trump to be the enemy and did everything they could to spy on the campaign.

I don't have to tell you how unethical this is. But more importantly, it is criminal.

A week ago, all of this information was hidden. The Deep State was ignoring Congressional subpoenas and hiding the evidence of their crimes.

It was your persistence and activism that forced Congressional Conservatives to push forward and get the truth. YOU did this.

Now, it is time to finish what we started and tear it all down!

Send your instant message to Congress and DEMAND they seize these witch hunt documents and criminally charge every Obama official who was involved!

This is why, just hours before she was kicked out of the White House, Susan Rice sent herself an email saying that Barack Obama ordered the FBI to investigate Trump "by the book." She knew this would eventually get out and she needed to make sure there was a paper trail that Obama was not involved in these crimes.

But with everything we know, it is really hard to believe Obama wasn't involved...

We know for a FACT that the Obama administration teamed up with the Clinton campaign and used their campaign's opposition research to get a surveillance warrant against at least one of Trump's advisors.

We know for a FACT that they were listening in on the Trump transition team's phone calls to foreign leaders.

Now we know for a FACT that the Obama DOJ infiltrated the Trump campaign with an FBI asset.

And yet, all of these Obama criminals are allowed to walk and the only investigation is the concocted witch hunt against the President.

We are calling on all Conservatives to join the fight right now and help defeat the Obama deep state once and for all.

Our FaxBlast campaign today is simple. We are demanding for Congress to seize these documents and release them to the American people. Then they MUST hold each and every Obama official criminally responsible for this treason!

I know that you have a lot going on in your life. But please, if you do anything today, join this fight and help us tear down the Obama deep state!

Please, send your instant message to Congress and FORCE them to seize these witch hunt documents and criminally charge every Obama official who was involved!

This means war,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily