Fellow Conservative,

The IRS scandal has faded out of the headlines. Lois Lerner is living in a comfortable DC-area suburb and continues to receive a pension. Congress voted to hold her in Contempt of Congress and the Obama administration, eager to protect one of its own, refused to prosecute.

But she was and is a criminal. And now, we have the evidence to prove it.

When it was revealed that the IRS was going after Conservatives, the Obama administration brushed it off as coincidental. They claimed that liberals were targeted too (barely) and swore that there was no program devoted to going after the President's political opponents.

Newly released documents prove that was a lie.

Lois Lerner and her colleagues used Conservative Organizations' donor lists to decide which Conservatives to audit. We have emails proving that IRS employees were emailing Conservative donor lists to one another for the purpose of deciding who to audit. It's time to finish this.

Tell Congress to grow a backbone and finished what they started! Arrest these IRS criminals!

Obama appeared on the Daily Show this week and said that there's nothing to see here. He claims there's no scandal and that we should all just go on with our lives...

When Richard Nixon was impeached, everyone knows that the Watergate tapes were front and center. But there was another article of impeachment focusing on Nixon's weaponization of the IRS. In that case, the IRS merely threatened to go after one of Nixon's political opponents.

In 1974, threatening to weaponize the IRS against one individual was impeachable.

Today, we have evidence that Obama's IRS used donor lists to target Conservative taxpayers and there hasn't been a peep from Congress. Nothing. No new investigations, no new subpoenas. 

There's actually a hearing right now discussing a new report and 2/3 of the seats are empty. The Congressmen didn't even show up for the hearing. Congress is doing the bare minimum so they can say they 'did something.' Well, doing something isn't good enough!

We are talking about hundreds of Americans who were put in the IRS' crosshairs simply because of their political affiliation. This is unacceptable.

Before, we knew that the IRS went after the heads of Conservative organizations. Now, we have concrete evidence that the IRS also went after political donors for no reason other than political affiliation. This is completely unacceptable.

No branch of the government should ever be allowed to target Americans for participating in the political process. Period.

Don't let Congress move on to other things. Demand that they finish what they started and arrest these criminal bureaucrats!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily