Fellow Conservative,

The name Sarah Saldaña might not mean anything to you, but she is Barack Obama Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director. She is responsible with enforcing our immigration laws.

Yesterday, she testified before Congress that she refuses to do just that. When confronted as to when ICE was going to crack down on American cities harboring illegal alien criminals and shielding them from prosecution, Mrs. Saldaña responded, “I presume when you all address comprehensive immigration reform; perhaps it can be addressed there.”

So let me get this straight… the only way that the Obama administration will crack down on these violent illegal aliens is if Congress legalizes them?

Is she insane? No, she’s just a Liberal…

The Obama administration has officially made it its policy to hold you and your loved ones’ safety hostage until Congress approves of the President’s amnesty.

Obama won’t even consider deporting these violent illegal aliens until… Congress shields them from deportation.

Director Saldaña has proven that she is unfit to lead ICE because she simply refuses to enforce the country’s immigration laws.

Congress has the authority to remove her from office but you need to click to DEMAND it!

Not only did Dir. Saldaña testify under oath that the administration wouldn’t enforce the law until amnesty was passed, but she also was caught lying under oath about the number of illegal alien convicted criminals the administration has released from prison. When Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) asked her how many criminal illegal aliens the administration released in 2014, Mrs. Saldaña responded “30,000.” She was completely incorrect. The administration released a whopping total of 104,000 illegal aliens.

Lying and misrepresenting facts under oath... There are more than 100,000 criminal illegal aliens who the administration released last year alone. You can bet your bottom dollar that they are hiding out in sanctuary cities that refuse to turn them over to immigration authorities.

Earlier this year, Saldaña was asked during a Congressional hearing whether it would help for Congress to make compliance with federal immigration investigations mandatory for sanctuary cities. Saldaña responded, “thank you, amen, yes.”

The next day, she walked that back and said that the administration supported sanctuary city policies.

Last December, Harry Reid rushed Sarah Saldaña’s confirmation vote through just days before Republicans took over the Senate. She is completely unqualified and her statements prove that she has absolutely no desire to fulfill her obligation to enforce immigration laws.

We have a cabinet member who has refused to perform her official duties. There is only one way to respond: impeachment.

Congress has the power to impeach cabinet members. After Director Saldaña’s recent actions, that is exactly what they must do but the only way that happens is if you demand it!

Obama’s ICE Director just refused to enforce the law. Demand that Congress remove her from office immediately!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily