Fellow Conservative,

By now, you know about Army First Lieutenant Clint Lorance’s story. When a motorcycle barreling towards his men refused to stop, Lt. Lorance instructed his men to open fire.

There were three men on the motorcycle. Two were killed and one escaped on foot.

The Military went after Lt. Lorance and charged him with murder because there were no weapons or bombs found at the scene. However, the Pentagon knew that these men were connected to roadside bombs planted in the area.

The victims' fingerprints were entered into the Army's database and discovered to be connected to multiple roadside bombs and IEDs. Lt. Lorance’s men killed insurgent bomb makers.

This is information that would have vindicated Lt. Lorance. But the Pentagon deliberately withheld this detail during trial. The “victims” were portrayed as innocent civilians even though the Military had biometric evidence proving they were bomb technicians.

Now, Clint Lorance is serving a 19-year jail sentence in Leavenworth.

This is a total injustice!

Tell Congress to join Rep. Hunter’s push to get Lt. Clint Lorance released from prison!

Whenever a member of the military is mistreated, Representative Duncan Hunter (R-CA) is there to right the wrongs.

Congressman Hunter was behind the push to free Sgt. Tahmooressi from a Mexican prison. When the Obama administration tried to involuntarily discharge Green Beret Charles Martland for shoving a confessed child rapist in Afghanistan, Rep. Hunter led the charge to get him reinstated.

Now, it is time to rally behind another mistreated soldier.

Lieutenant Clint Lorance was only put in charge for a couple of days before the shooting occurred. He was brought in because the previous leader was injured from a roadside blast.

Lt. Lorance did what many in his situation would have done. And the fact that the evidence later proved the men riding the motorcycle were insurgents vindicates him and his decision.

But that crucial piece of evidence was deliberately withheld during trial. Instead of the judge and jury learning that the “victims” were insurgents linked to area roadside bombs, they were portrayed as innocent, unarmed civilians.

This injustice cannot stand.

Rise up and force Congress to help Rep. Duncan Hunter secure a release for Lt. Clint Lorance!

We are reaching out to every single member of Congress – regardless of political party – and asking them to join the push to get Lt. Clint Lorance released.

Doing right by our military isn’t a partisan issue. It’s not a Republican versus Democrat issue. It is simply the right thing to do.

We have always stood up for our men and women in uniform and we aren’t going to stop now.

There are a lot of things in this country that need fixing. A lot of Obama actions that need to be undone.

There are a number of innocent military men and women who were railroaded and thrown behind bars. First Lieutenant Clint Lorance is one of them. President Trump has made it known that he is considering pardoning one particular American soldier.

It is up to us to swing the tide in Congress!

Don’t let this injustice stand. Send a FaxBlast to Congress and demand they work to secure Lt. Clint Lorance’s release!

Until every Obama injustice is righted,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily