Dear Conservative,

A few weeks ago, I brought to you the fact that the Obama administration had released 36,000 illegal aliens from jail last year alone. All we had then were the total numbers. We have known these numbers for some time, but the details had remained hidden from us. All we knew was that the Obama administration was releasing illegal aliens from prison at an unprecedented pace, approximately 100 released illegals every day!

Today we learn that these 36,000 convicted illegal alien criminals (meaning not only did they illegally enter the country, but they also broke laws once here) were released from prison ahead of their scheduled deportations. For some of these criminals, the release came just days before they were scheduled to be deported and kicked out of the country.

Instead, these illegal aliens are out on the streets, free to commit more violent crimes against innocent citizens. That's right; hundreds of the illegals released from prison were formerly arrested for violent crimes like murder, rape, and aggravated assault! Obama is just letting them out!

The more time goes by, the more obvious it is that the Obama administration has absolutely NO respect for the rule of law. Now, member of Congress are calling on administration officials to answer why so many illegal immigrant prisoners were released just before their deportation date... These illegal alien criminals must be recaptured, deported, and whoever allowed their release in the first place should be arrested as well!

Tell Congress that it MUST stop the Obama administration from letting convicted illegal alien criminals out of prison!

It's not really that difficult. According to the Article II, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution, the President's purpose is to "faithfully execute" the laws of the land. Even today, legal scholars are still debating just what "faithfully execute" actually means. But it doesn't take a PhD to understand that letting a bunch of illegal alien murderers and rapists out of prison doesn't qualify as faithful execution of the law!

I am getting really tired of having to write about these horrific scandals. However, as horrible of a President as Barack H. Obama is, he has surrounded himself with equally horrible cabinet members.

According to the government’s own reporting, the 36,000 released criminals were collectively convicted of 88,000 crimes. These include 426 sexual assaults, 303 kidnappings, 193 homicides, 1,317 domestic violence assaults, 1,724 weapon offenses, and one even tried to shoot a public official. All of these criminals are now back on the streets. Thanks a lot, Obama…

Believe it or not, the Department of Homeland Security has actually submitted plans to decrease the number of illegal aliens it can detain at any given time. Administration officials say that it is just too expensive. The cost to detain one of these individuals is about $120/day. But how can the administration justify saving a few bucks knowing that these hardened criminals will be back on the streets to strike again? Is it worth saving $120 dollars if these criminals attack or kill an innocent American?

Who on earth gave the green light to let these criminals out of jail? Which officials approved releasing these murderers, rapists, and gang members back into society? Whoever it is should be prosecuted for gross negligence and putting the entire country in danger!

These criminals were being processed for deportation. They were going to be kicked out of the country and barred from ever returning. But the Obama administration just released them anyway! We keep hearing that the Obama administration will only be prosecuting the worst of the worst convicted criminal illegal aliens. They've made it known that they are no longer interested in deporting illegal aliens unless the commit a violent crime.

Now, we know that the administration’s “hard stance” on illegal alien criminals is a complete lie! The administration is releasing 100 illegal aliens with criminal convictions every day from their custody. These aren't just illegal aliens who were arrested... These individuals had a trial and were convicted and sentenced to prison for the crimes they committed AFTER they illegally came to the United States. This is important: these aren’t people who were arrested because they were illegal immigrants… they were arrested because they committed serious crimes after coming here! Now, the Obama administration is releasing them, thumbing its nose at the Legislative and Judicial branches at the same time.

We have laws and we have a court system where law breakers are either found guilty or innocent. The only job of the Executive Branch is to enforce the law and the judicial rulings. Time and time again, the Obama administration has proven it could care less about the rule of law and that it will rule by executive fiat whenever possible!

The fact that the Obama administration has discretion in deciding when to release illegal alien criminals is ludicrous and anyone being processed for deportation should NOT be allowed to be released from prison! Congress must act to stop this lawlessness.

Tell Congress that it MUST stop the Obama administration from letting convicted illegal alien criminals out of prison!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily