Earlier this year, Democrat Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer cried during a press conference. He cried at how "mean spirited" Donald Trump was to ban immigrants and refugees from dangerous parts of the world and subjecting others to extreme vetting.

Yesterday, Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, a 29-year-old from Uzbekistan, drove a rented truck through a Manhattan bicycle lane, killing eight and injuring at least 11. He wrote a note expressing his support for ISIS and screamed "Allahu Akbar" (Allah is the greatest) after killing these innocent people.

Saipov entered the United States through what is called a "diversity visa." These types of visas admit people into the United States for no reason other than the fact that they have a diverse background. It has nothing to do with someone's skills or what they can bring to the United States, it only focuses on "diversity." Surprising no one, this visa program was created by... Chuck Schumer.

So the Democrat leader who cried at not being allowed to just allow anyone in was responsible for creating the program that allowed this terrorist into our country. Sounds about right.

President Trump is livid. He has instructed his administration to go even farther with his extreme vetting program to make sure that terrorists and those who sympathize with terrorist causes aren't able to slip through the cracks. He has called for an end to the "diversity visa" so that only people who have something positive to give to American society are given green cards.

But already, liberal activist judges are blocking the President. A week and a half ago, Hawaii Judge Derrick Watson blocked Trump's travel ban for the third time. Another judge in Maryland has issued an injunction blocking the Trump administration from implementing its extreme vetting plans.

We literally cannot afford to be governed by political correctness anymore. We cannot afford to let people into the country if we have no idea who they are. And we certainly cannot allow these liberal activist judges to force their open border agenda on the American people!

Help put an end to the left's dangerous "diversity visa" program! Send your instant FaxBlast and DEMAND Congress immediately pass the Safety Against Foreign Enemies Act and send it to Trumps desk for signature!

Last night, Congressman Dave Brat reintroduced his Security Against Foreign Enemies Act. This legislation passed the House back in 2015 with actually a 2/3 vote, but it was filibustered in the Senate by... Chuck Schumer.

This bill is completely common sense. If someone wants to come to the United States, as a refugee or immigrant, then they must pass a background check. In fact, this bill goes even farther and requires that three government agencies certify that an applicant passed a background check before they're allowed into the country.

When this bill originally came before the House of Representatives two years ago, 47 Democrats voted for it. This bill is perhaps one of the only things that Republicans and Democrats agree on. However, Barack Obama declared that he would veto this bill if it ever reached his desk.

So, Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer had a decision to make. Do they protect the American people or protect President Obama from the embarrassment of having to veto a common sense bill like this? Well, they chose to protect Obama and the bill died with 55 votes in the Senate.

Democrat leaders literally fought to ensure that more terrorists and sympathizers are allowed into the country. It doesn't get more idiotic than this. Three times, President Trump has issued travel restrictions to protect the homeland and each time, liberal activist judges rewrote the law in order to keep the borders open.

Only Congressional action can put a stop to this and give President Trump the authority to do what is necessary to keep radicals out.

Rep. Brat is reintroducing his bill and demanding a vote. Now is the time to pressure Congress and force them to vote on this!

Force a vote! Send your instantaneous FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they pass the Safety Against Foreign Enemies Act immediately!

There is nothing controversial about subjecting immigrants to background checks. There is nothing wrong about making sure the people we let in aren't going to turn around and kill Americans.

And there is absolutely no reason to delay this vote any longer.

President Trump is begging Congress to pass these common-sense changes. End the diversity visa program and pass the SAFE Act to allow the administration to run background checks on people trying to come here.

He needs YOU to put the pressure on and force Congress to act!

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