I am at a loss for words. After we published our story on how Navy Admiral Collin Green (shown above, left) was going to defy Trump and punish pardoned SEAL Eddie Gallagher anyway, the story went viral.

The military spent the last year prosecuting Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher for war crimes. They accused this two-time Bronze Star recipient of murdering an ISIS fighter on the battlefield. But at trial, the prosecutor's case completely fell apart. There was zero evidence that Gallagher killed anyone improperly.

The Jury ultimately returned a Not Guilty verdict on all of the war crimes charges, but did find Gallagher guilty of the lowest charge against him: posing for a photograph next to a corpse. Since he had already spent months in prison, Gallagher was sentenced to time served and a reduction in rank.

President Trump intervened last week and said that was unacceptable. He issued Gallagher a full pardon and ordered the Navy to restore his rank and pay. All Eddie Gallagher wants to do is retire with the benefits he has earned from a lifetime of service.

But Rear Admiral Collin Green is determined to make an innocent man pay anyway. He announced this week that he was convening a disciplinary board to kick Eddie Gallagher out of the SEALs. Even though Gallagher was acquitted of the war crimes charges and received a full pardon, Adm. Green believes he should be punished anyway.

We told you about this gross insubordination yesterday. Well, now we have a new development.

Navy Secretary Richard Spencer (shown above, right) just announced that he is also refusing to follow Donald Trump's clear directive. Since it was published on social media, and not delivered through official channels, Spencer is disregarding the order and allowing the Navy continue with their witch hunt against this American hero.

But here is what is even more despicable. Spencer and other top Pentagon officials have all allegedly threatened to resign if Donald Trump intervenes any more in the Gallagher case. They are literally blackmailing the Commander in Chief and ordering him to stand down.

I regret to inform you that it is working. The White House just informed Secretary Spencer's office that the disciplinary hearing will be allowed to proceed as scheduled. Trump will not intervene again.

This is worse than we have ever seen it. From the bottom to the top, these military officials are literally defying a Presidential order and going after an innocent man. Eddie Gallagher is literally innocent. His record has been cleared and the Commander in Chief has ordered his rank restored. But now the Navy is defying this order and trying to kick Gallagher out of the SEALs anyway!

This is open insubordination. The Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces gave a lawful order and the Navy leadership turned around and blackmailed the President with the threat of mass resignations if he officially gives that command.

Just think about that. Not only was Eddie Gallagher acquitted of war crimes, but he received a Presidential pardon. And now these people are threatening to cripple the Navy's entire command infrastructure if the President dares stop them from punishing Gallagher anyway...

It is sick. Instead of following orders, the Navy's top brass are defying the President and threatening to resign if he dares interfere again.

Yesterday, we delivered a quarter million FaxBlasts demanding that Congress intervene and save Eddie Gallagher from this unjust persecution. But after this latest news, it is clear that the problem is so much bigger than saving just one man. The entire Pentagon leadership structure has been infected. 

It is time to demand an investigation and, if necessary, clean house.

These Generals and Admirals have Trump cornered. The President knows he cannot afford to lose the Navy's entire command structure. He feels he has no choice but to let them railroad this innocent man. Only Congress can put a stop to this, and only YOU can force them to!

Don't let these anti-Trump military officials get away with this! Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to drag these insubordinate officers in to answer for these crimes!

The Navy is doubling down on their promise to defy President Trump. It is time for YOU to double down as well!

Our goal today is to send another quarter million FaxBlasts to Congress -- Democrats and Republicans alike -- and force them to put a stop to this madness. They must drag each and every one of these insubordinate Naval officers in to testify and answer, under oath, for why they are directly defying a Presidential order.

And if the reports are correct -- that these officials are blackmailing the President by threatening mass resignations -- then they all must be removed from positions of power.

Trump is being backed into a corner. He issued his order and the Pentagon's top brass are ignoring it.

It is up to you to fight back against this lawlessness!

Don't let them get away with this!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily