Nancy Pelosi just defied Trump and flew to the United Nations' Climate Conference to save the Obama-UN Climate Treaty!

President Trump ordered the United States to withdraw from the United Nations' radical climate treaty. We have covered this pretty in-depth in the past. Not only did he place a freeze on all Federal funding going to the UN's programs, but he also prohibited Federal employees from helping implement the UN's climate agenda.

Whenever Barack Obama couldn't get his agenda through Congress, he turned to the United Nations to help him implement it. In the early days of the Trump Presidency, Obama holdovers in the State Department were caught continuing to work with the UN on these programs. So, Trump put a stop to all of it.

But now, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is defying the President of the United States. Just yesterday, she led a Congressional Delegation to Madrid, Spain to represent the United States in the United Nations COP25 Climate Treaty Conference. Pelosi and the other Democrats plan to meet with UN officials to devise a plan to stop Trump from formally withdrawing from the treaty next year!

It is the ultimate defiance!

 Stop Nancy Pelosi's plan to make the Obama-UN treaty permanent! You must send your instant message to Congress right now and kill the Left's UN surrender plan before it's too late!

The purpose of the COP25 Conference in Madrid is to achieve the "full operationalization of the Paris Climate Treaty." These UN officials are literally meeting with world governments to devise a way to implement their grand wealth redistribution plan: take taxd ollars from American citizens and distribute them around the globe as "climate reparations."

That is the sole purpose of this conference. That is why Nancy Pelosi is in Madrid today... She is directly undermining the President of the United States to save Barack Obama's unconstitutional treaty.

And recently, the Democrats revealed precisely how they plan to stop Trump from trashing this Obama-UN treaty.

In order to fully withdraw, Donald Trump needs to deliver a letter to the United Nations next November. It is purely a formality, but the letter notifies the UN that the United States is officially withdrawing from the treaty. 

No matter how you slice it, the Trump administration has to use Federal funds to deliver this notice. Not only is there a cost associated with the paper, ink, and envelope, but it takes man hours to deliver the notice. There is no way to withdraw from the Treaty without spending at least some Treasury funds. And that is how Democrats plan to block him.

The State Department, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Act -- the bill that governs US foreign policy spending -- includes a Democrat provision that would make it illegal for the government to spend even a cent to deliver the withdrawal notice. The Left wants to use the power of the purse to force Obama's unconstitutionally-signed treaty onto the American people. Because if Trump doesn't deliver the notice on time to the UN, we are stuck in the agreement...

Now, there is no longer any doubt. Nancy Pelosi and 14 other Democrats are in Madrid right now to put the finishing touches on their plan. Not only would their bill make Obama's signature permanent, but it would restart the billions in "donations" that Obama had promised the UN...

This is happening right now! Immediately after Pelosi and the Democrats return, they plan to rush their UN surrender bill through Congress. If you want to stop this treachery, it has to be right now!

 Stop Nancy Pelosi's plan to make the Obama-UN treaty permanent! You must send your instant message to Congress right now and kill the Left's UN surrender plan before it's too late!

The amendment to save the Obama-UN Climate Change Treaty and prevent Trump from finishing the withdrawal has been added to the spending bill.

Nancy Pelosi and 14 other Democrat Congressmen just traveled to Madrid to attend the UN's COP25 Climate Conference today.

And when they get back, they are going to hold the vote and push this radical amendment through!

We are running out of time to stop this!

Now or never,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily