This week, we had a MAJOR successes in Congress. For months, Democrats have plotted to use the appropriations process to sneak their radical amendments into the annual must-pass spending bill.

Yesterday, the House voted on the 'compromise' spending package and I am happy to report that while the bill is far from perfect, ALL of the radical Democrat provisions that we fought to kill were left on the cutting room floor.

President Trump will continue to build the wall using the funding that he has re-programmed from the Defense Department. While Republicans did not secure the 8 billion that Trump wanted, they were able to secure an additional 1.4 billion for border wall construction. And again, the Democrat amendments designed to pull the plug on the border wall were killed.

The Left was also eager to restore Planned Parenthood's funding. President Trump pulled the plug on Planned Parenthood's access to almost 300 million in yearly funding. Democrats had drafted an amendment that would have given it all back. While it looked like the GOP was going to cave on this, I am happy to tell you that the Democrat amendment died and Pres. Trump's funding cuts will remain in place!

Democrats were also eager to slip an amendment into the final bill to undo Pres. Trump's UN funding cuts. They had also tried to stop the President from withdrawing from the UN's Paris Climate Treaty. I am happy to confirm that while Congress voted to continue funding the UN, neither of the Democrats' radical amendments survived.

Today, I want to talk about that last poison pill amendment that Democrats tried to slip through. As we have reported, Barack Obama had no legal or constitutional right to sign the Paris Climate Agreement. When Trump ordered the United States to withdraw, he was simply ensuring that the Constitution's treaty clause would be followed. Without a 2/3 majority in the Senate, no international treaty can be ratified.

Nancy Pelosi had promised to preserve Obama's treaty signature and stop Trump from ripping it up. For the longest time, we thought that Nancy Pelosi was just being controlled by the most radical members in her party.

But earlier this month, Pelosi tipped her hand. She personally flew to Madrid, Spain, against the President's orders, negotiated with foreign leaders on behalf of the United States (a clear violation of the Logan Act), and instructed the entire world to ignore Donald Trump and negotiate with her instead.

Nancy Pelosi broke the law. She arguably also committed treason, since the whole point of the conference was to figure out a way to steal from the US treasury and redistribute it to countries like India and China.

Nancy Pelosi cannot be allowed to get away with this!

Tell Congress right now that Nancy Pelosi must be removed from power!

Today, the House of Representatives is voting to impeach President Donald J. Trump for non-crimes. The Articles of Impeachment that Pelosi and Schiff drew up do not even allege actual crimes. For merely wanting to look into allegations of corruption that have dogged the Bidens for years, Democrats want to make Trump the first President ever to be removed from office.

But the person who should be removed from power isn't Trump... It is Nancy Pelosi herself!

Pelosi violated the Logan Act. This is the law that prohibits non-sanctioned individuals from negotiating on the United States' behalf. Since the President of the United States is withdrawing from the treaty, and ordered no US officials to attend the treaty conference, Pelosi broke the law by going there herself.

But it is what she said when she got there that is truly seditious and treasonous. She instructed the entire world to ignore Donald Trump's withdrawal announcement and to instead work with Congressional Democrats to keep the treaty's terms alive.

So not only is she actively undermining the President of the United States, but she is trying once again to unconstitutionally implement a treaty without a ratification vote...

Unlike the President, we can actually point to a law that Nancy Pelosi violated. And unlike the impeachment hearings, that lacked fact witnesses and relied on hearsay and speculation, Nancy Pelosi publicly admitted that she sought to undermine Donald Trump's foreign policy.

By the Democrats' own standard, Nancy Pelosi must be removed!

Tell Congress right now that Nancy Pelosi must be removed from power!

Over the course of the day, we will see anti-Trump Democrats go to the microphone and say that they "take no pleasure" in impeaching the President. They are all lying.

I am not going to lie to you. I take great pleasure in calling for Nancy Pelosi's removal. Aside from simply policy disagreements, Pelosi is vile and has allowed her party's anti-Trump hatred to divided this country to almost Civil War-levels. I would like nothing more than to remove Nancy Pelosi from power.

And thanks to her thirst for power, she has finally slipped up and broken the law...

The polling is clear. Donald Trump is now beating all of the Democrat contenders. And if the so-called Moderate Democrats fall in line and vote to impeach Trump, dozens of them are set to be voted out of office. This is all Nancy Pelosi's doing, and there are a lot of Democrats who hate her for it.

If her Speakership vote was held again today, she wouldn't win.

It is up to you to force that vote!

Tell Congress right now that Nancy Pelosi must be removed from power!

Fight back!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily