Nancy Pelosi just announced that Congress will hold a formal impeachment vote this coming Thursday!

For weeks, Democrats have claimed that they do not need to hold a formal vote to launch an impeachment investigation against President Trump.

Instead of authorizing a Special Committee to launch a formal inquiry, Nancy Pelosi has used the House's Intelligence, Government Oversight, and Foreign Relations Committees to "investigate" the President all at once.

The Trump White House has fought back, arguing in court that because the House has not authorized a formal impeachment inquiry, the President can resist the Democrats' subpoenas. Now that these lawsuits are tied up in court, the Democrats are relenting. Nancy Pelosi just announced that the House of Representatives will hold an impeachment vote this Thursday!

Stop this impeachment witch hunt! Tell Congress, in no uncertain terms, that any Republican or Democrat who votes for Pelosi's impeachment resolution will pay the price!

Pelosi is quick to say this isn't an impeachment resolution. She also admits that this isn't a vote to authorize a real impeachment inquiry, the way the process was run for Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon.

Instead, Pelosi is holding a vote to let Democrats continue with the status quo. The resolution will affirm that the Left's sham impeachment inquiry should be allowed to continue as-is. Except instead of running the investigation through three committees, this new resolution will increase that number to four by adding the Judiciary Committee into the mix. Not only that, but the Left would be allowed to continue holding hearings in secret and selectively leak only the damaging information to the press.

Pelosi and the Democrats realize they are in trouble. They launched an impeachment investigation without an actual crime taking place and the American people are rejecting their secretive process. But instead of admitting their mistake, Democrats want to double-down...

The transcript is clear. All Trump did was ask the Ukrainian President to cooperate with the Department of Justice's investigation into potential crimes committed by the Biden family. Here is the direct quote from the transcript that Democrats want to use to impeach Trump.

TRUMP: "There's a lot of talk about Biden's son, that Biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that so whatever you can do with the Attorney General would be great. Biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution so if you can look into it... It sounds horrible to me."

That's it. People have been telling Trump that Biden broke the law and he wanted Ukraine to cooperate with the Attorney General to investigate whether those allegations were true.

Trump didn't ask Ukraine to 'dig up dirt' on Biden. He didn't ask them to help his 2020 campaign. The President asked another foreign leader to work with American law enforcement while they investigate. It is a non-crime. The United States and Ukraine signed a treaty in 1999 mandating cooperation in law enforcement investigations.

That is why Democrats have been holding their "inquiry" behind closed doors. They are searching for a crime and don't want to hold public hearings until they find one. Just like the Mueller probe, this whole thing is nothing but a fishing expedition. And now, Pelosi is scheduling a vote to formalize this sham impeachment push.

A similar situation is happening in the Senate as well. Lindsey Graham has introduced a resolution condemning the House Democrats' impeachment process. So far, three Senate Republicans -- Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and Mitt Romney -- have refused to sign onto it.

For the first time since this nonsense started, all Democrats and Republicans in both the House and the Senate will be forced to go on record. They will be forced to declare whether they support or oppose this manufactured impeachment process.

And they are terrified!

Hold their feet to the fire! Tell Congress right now that any Democrat or Republican who signs onto Nancy Pelosi's impeachment resolution will be held accountable!

Neither side knows how many votes they will get. There are over 40 House Democrats who have to run for re-election next year in districts that Donald Trump won. While the majority of them have voiced support for the inquiry so far, they are terrified of being forced to go on the record. Eight of them are already indicating they will likely vote no. They understand that Nancy Pelosi is asking them to commit political suicide, and they are refusing to simply fall on the sword...

Likewise, many Republicans in the House and Senate have stayed awfully quiet during this process, refusing to say whether they support or oppose the impeachment inquiry. And the majority of the Republicans who have voiced opposition did so over process, not substance. In other words, they believe Trump should be investigated, but disagree with how Democrats are running the inquiry. Even now, these GOPers are trying to calculate how to vote in order to save their political careers.

It is more important than ever for you to get loud!

This vote is being held on Thursday. There is still time to strike fear into these cowards and force them to stand down.

We are calling on you to join today's emergency campaign and help us bury Congress in a half-million FaxBlasts delivering a simple message: Any Congressman or Senator, Republican or Democrat, who votes to support Pelosi's sham impeachment resolution will be removed from office!

But the only way we can hammer this message home is with sheer numbers. That is why I am directly asking you to participate in today's campaign.

We need all likeminded Conservatives to join us right here and right now and put maximum pressure on Congress to shut down this impeachment witch hunt!

Fight back!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily