I want to start this by saying there are still good Conservatives in the Republican Party worth supporting. Yesterday, between three and four dozen staged a sit-in to protest how the Democrats are waging their impeachment inquiry in secret. The protest included Rep. Steve Scalise, who is the #2 ranked Republican in the House of Representatives.

There are also Republicans who are persuadable. People like Lindsey Graham, if you put enough pressure on them, will do what is right if only just to save their careers.

But then, you also have the NeverTrumpers like Mitt Romney, who no matter what anyone does or says, are committed to removing Trump from office.

Our reporting indicates that there are at least four dozen Republicans, in the House and Senate, considering joining the Left's impeachment push. And there are only SEVEN Republican Senators -- Hyde-Smith, Wicker, Tillis, Portman, Inhofe, Rounds, and Moran -- who are willing to publicly admit they oppose impeachment. The rest say they need to wait and see...

Originally, the GOP had been planning to immediately dismiss any impeachment articles that arrive in the Senate. But now that Establishment Republicans are starting to waver, Mitch McConnell says that won't be possible. So, he is meeting with Chuck Schumer to discuss how the Senate will handle a trial if the House does vote to impeach.

I will say that again: The GOP leadership is coordinating with Democrats on the process to officially remove President Trump from office!

Since Trump was inaugurated, Democrats have trotted out almost a hundred reasons they believe Donald Trump should be impeached. Most recently, Rep. Al Green demanded that Trump be removed because he called the impeachment inquiry a lynching.

They have spent over two and a half years searching for something... anything... that they can use to reverse the 2016 election. Now, they think they've found it.

They want to impeach the President for investigating Democrats' wrongdoing. Simply suggesting that Joe Biden and the DNC should be investigated for their crimes in Ukraine is apparently enough to remove the President from office. Now, the left is calling on Attorney General Barr to be removed from office if he investigates Ukraine, simply because Donald Trump used his name on the phone call with the Ukrainian President. 

The whole thing is a sham. It is an investigation in search of a crime. At first, Democrats wanted to impeach Trump for wanting to investigate former-Vice President Biden's actions. Now, they claim he should be impeached for wanting to investigate the Democrat Party's crimes in Ukraine.

But the Republican leadership has still decided to give up. Mitch McConnell told reporters this week that the GOP will not take control over an impeachment trial if it happens.

"I don't see anybody in all of this who would be able to control the process," McConnell said, "At some point, it ends. I have no idea how long this will go on..." McConnell reiterated that he has no choice but to sit down with Chuck Schumer and come to terms with how the Senate would handle the process of removing Trump from office.

With allies like that, who needs enemies...

What is most amazing is that not only have GOPers started caving, but so have House Democrats. Eight Democrats have now jumped off the impeachment train, warning Pelosi that there will be consequences for ramming impeachment through...

What do these Democrats and Republicans have in common? They both fear you. That is why Democrats are holding their impeachment hearings in secret and that is why Republicans refuse to publicly rule impeachment out. Neither side is willing to jump in head first because they are terrified of being removed from office themselves. 

You must strike fear in these cowards and force them to stand down!

 Send your urgent message to Congress now and FORCE them to put a stop to this sham impeachment investigation right now!

As I said, there are still strong Conservatives left in both chambers of Congress. And there are still Republicans who can be pressured into doing the right thing. You can still hold their feet to the fire.

But the window is closing. The GOP is actively negotiating with Democrats over the process for an impeachment trial. Instead of fighting this, they are rolling over.

Now is the time to fight back!

No surrender,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily