As you know, highly decorated Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher is currently facing war crimes charges for allegedly killing an ISIS fighter on the battlefield. We have been covering this case from the beginning.

  • We covered when military prosecutors were caught trying to charge Gallagher with bogus crimes.
  • We covered when a Military Brig Commander was caught defying Pres. Trump's order to move Gallagher to less restrictive custody.
  • We covered when the prosecutors were caught lying to Congress to pressure them into abandoning Gallagher's case.
  • We covered how prosecutors tried to hide video evidence exonerating Edward Gallagher.
  • We covered when Congressional leaders forced Pres. Trump to abandon plans to pardon Edward Gallagher on Memorial Day.
  • We covered when the Pentagon's prosecutors were caught illegally spying on Gallagher's defense lawyers.

And today, we are reporting to you how one of the government's "star witness" just took the stand and admitted under oath that Seal Chief Eddie Gallagher is innocent of murder charges!

Yesterday, prosecutors called Special Warfare Operator 1st Class Corey Scott to the stand. They expected him to testify that Gallagher was the one who killed a captured ISIS terrorist.

But Scott told the truth. He told the court that it was he who killed the captured terrorist. He confessed to covering the injured terrorist's breathing tube to asphyxiate him, admitting that Gallagher did not stab him to death.

If Gallagher didn't stab him to death, then he can't be guilty of premeditated murder. And as part of the deal to testify, Scott has full immunity and cannot be prosecuted for the murder.

This should have been the point where the Pentagon dropped the case. Except instead of doing what is right, the prosecutors are doubling down and promising to lock Gallagher up, no matter what!

Put a stop to this right now! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and DEMAND that they save Edward Gallagher before it is too late!

"The government will not be dropping premeditated murder charges against Chief Petty Officer Gallagher despite Petty Officer Scott's testimony. The credibility of the witness is for the jury to decide."

This was the government's witness. He was the one who was supposed to slam the final nail into Gallagher's coffin. Instead, Scott confessed that he was the one who killed the terrorist, and now the prosecutors are trying to claim he isn't credible... 

But Gallagher isn't just being railroaded with premeditated murder charges. He has also been charged with Attempted Murder. But here too, Petty Officer Scott's bombshell testimony blows away the prosecutors' case.

Scott testified that he saw Gallagher stab the terrorist, but that the knife wound wouldn't have been fatal. This is important because Corey Scott was the Seal Team's medic. He was the one taking care of the injured terrorist. By testifying that the knife wound wouldn't have killed the terrorist, he just destroyed the prosecution's "Attempted Murder" charges as well.

So if these two charges fall apart, what are these prosecutors going to rest their hats on? Aggravated assault charges.

That's right... These corrupt and criminal prosecutors can't prove that Gallagher killed or even attempted to kill an injured terrorist on the battlefield, so now they are pressing forward to prove that Edward Gallagher is guilty of assaulting an ISIS fighter.

This is absolutely ridiculous. Edward Gallagher was a member of Seal Team 6 and received two Bronze stars for valor in combat. He has spent his entire life fighting to defend America. And now, these prosecutors are so eager to put him in prison for something that they are fighting for a conviction on Aggravated Assault.

This has to stop!

Please, send your instant FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress rise up and save Edward Gallagher before it's too late!

Edward Gallagher is an American hero. Yes, he is a killer. The United States Navy trained him to be a killing machine. He was deployed countless times overseas to kill America's enemies.

And now, as the prosecution's murder case falls apart, they are still trying to get the jury to convict him on Aggravated Assault charges. They want to send this hero away for allegedly assaulting a terrorist on an overseas battlefield...

Enough is enough. 

Edward Gallagher put on the uniform and volunteered to protect this country. He did EIGHT combat tours where he received not one, but TWO Bronze Stars for valor in combat. One of these was awarded when Gallagher single-handedly cleared 100 stalls in a bazaar, secured a rooftop, and freed Americans who were pinned down by enemy fire.

His award citation states that "by his extraordinary guidance, zealous initiative and total dedication to duty, Petty Officer Gallagher reflected great credit upon himself, and upheld the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service."

The Judge in this case already removed the last set of prosecutors after they were caught illegally spying on the defense attorney's email accounts. Now, the new prosecutors want to lock up a Navy SEAL hero for assaulting a terrorist. This is madness.

A handful of Congressmen are rallying together to save this American hero. Congressmen Duncan Hunter (R-CA) and Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) are trying to get the President to pardon this man and put an end to this sham trial. But they can't do it alone. They need your help!

Edward Gallagher put on the uniform and answered the call to defend you. Please, rise up right now and force Congress to answer the call and defend him!

Help protect this American hero! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they join Hunter and Crenshaw and save Navy Seal Chief Edward Gallagher before it's too late!

Don't let them railroad this man!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily