When Democrats took over the House last year, they rushed through a slurry of gun control bills. They passed legislation to impose "universal background checks" to allow the government to monitor all gun transfers/purchases. The Left passed the Enhanced Background Checks Act, which would allow the government to simply block millions of gun purchases indefinitely, without needing to provide a reason. And we saw Congressional committees, for the first time in years, openly debate nationwide gun bans.

Even though the House passed many of these gun control bills, they ended up going nowhere in the Senate. For all their faults, Senate Republicans know that if they dared pass any of these radical gun control bills, their political careers would be over... Even if the turncoat GOPers wanted to pass these anti-gun bills, they knew better than to try.

But since then, the GOP has been negotiating with Democrats to try to find "common ground" on gun control. They have been trying to find a way to "do something on guns" without angering their conservative base.

After months of discussions, they have found their compromise legislation and if passed, it would give government the power to disarm innocent American gun owners without ever having to even charge them with a crime!

Kill these "compromise" gun confiscation bills! Send your instant message to Congress right now and FORCE them to block these Red Flag bills from passing... or else!

Last week we reported that there were Republicans who want to fast-track this confiscation bill. That is absolutely true. The legislation in question -- the Extreme Risk Protection Order and Violence Prevention Act -- was written by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL). Since it was introduced, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has been working with Sen. Richard Blumenthal to "fix" Rubio's bill so that both sides can agree to it. The House version of the bill -- H.B.1236 -- has 209 co-sponsors, including 2 Republicans.

No matter how much the GOP tries to negotiate a "compromise," there is no fixing a bill that is this flagrantly unconstitutional. Red Flag bills work by disarming gun owners before they commit a crime. The idea is that if police and prosecutors believe a gun owner is "dangerous," but don't have proof that they actually committed a crime, red flag laws allow them to get a disarmament order anyway.

If police and prosecutors can convince a judge that there is at least a 51% chance a gun owner is "dangerous," they can get a warrant to confiscate their guns. These laws usually include a 2-week "cooling off" period before  disarmed gun owners can get a court date to defend themselves. 

And when they finally do get a court date, the burden of proof gets flipped upside down. Instead of the prosecutors having to prove the gun owner's guilt, it is up to the disarmed gun owner to convince the judge that they "aren't dangerous." Remember, this is the same judge that has already approved a confiscation order without seeing any evidence of criminality. 

If the judge agrees with the gun owner, then the firearms are immediately returned. But if the judge still believes that a gun owner is "probably dangerous," then the confiscation order gets extended to one year. The gun owner has to wait a whole year before getting another chance to plead their innocence.

And remember, all of this happens without any charges being filed. Throughout this entire process, the gun owner in question is legally innocent.

This is what Democrats have always wanted. And now, they are making a major push to expand this disarmament program nationwide!

Kill these "compromise" gun confiscation bills! Send your instant message to Congress right now and FORCE them to block these Red Flag bills from passing... or else!

Everytown for Gun Safety, the gun control group funded by Michael Bloomberg, sent an email to its followers this week promising that Democrats will make passing a red flag bill a "legislative priority" this year. 

Colorado's Red Flag bill went into effect on January 1st. One day later, Denver Police used it for the first time to disarm an innocent gun owner. The suspect had been under investigation for domestic violence. As a part of the initial restraining order, police took possession of the young man's firearms. But after a lengthy investigation, the district attorney decided not to prosecute. They found there was insufficient evidence to even charge the gun owner with domestic violence.

That should mean that the gun owner gets his guns back. He is legally innocent and prosecutors have declined to bring charges against him. But the Denver Police Department had other plans. They used the state's new red flag law to file a disarmament order against the young man anyway. Not only did they use the domestic violence arrest to justify the order, but they also claimed that they couldn't give the guns back because he was "dangerous."

Just to be clear. This young man was investigated and cleared of wrong-doing. Prosecutors declined to prosecute. But even though he was presumed innocent, police seized his guns anyway. And now, unless he can convince a judge to give him his firearms back, he will lose his gun rights for an entire year. All without any criminal charges being filed...

This is what Democrats and a handful of GOP traitors want to pass at the national level. They want to give the government the power to disarm gun owners without ever even having to charge them with a crime.

The GOP thinks that this is a "compromise." They think that opening up the floodgates for nationwide gun confiscations is a "compromise."

The Left is going to rush to push this through. And unless you rise up now, they will have the votes to pass it!

Kill the bill!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily