Now that the First Democrat has abandoned the impeachment hoax, the Left is pressuring Nancy Pelosi to hold a formal impeachment vote THIS WEEK!

The pressure is working. For weeks, we have reported on the tension within the Democrat Party. With 30 Democrats up for re-election in 13 months in districts that Donald Trump won, they are terrified of having to actually vote on impeachment.

The radical Leftists, however, are demanding a formal impeachment inquiry vote. They are putting serious pressure on Nancy Pelosi to schedule the vote. So far, Pelosi has resisted that call. But her resistance is starting to wane...

We are now hearing that the vote could come as early as Wednesday of this week.

But Democrats got even more bad news.Democrats are starting to splinter and publicly declare they are against their party's impeachment witch hunt.

Rep. Jeff Van Drew (D-NJ) just became the first Democrat to publicly call on his party to abandon this impeachment nonsense!


Rep. Van Drew (shown above) represents New Jersey's 2nd Congressional District. Back in 2016, Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in this district 51-46.

Van Drew knows that if he goes against his constituents, he will be removed from office. So, he has now become the first House Democrat to publicly denounce Pelosi's impeachment "inquiry."

The pressure is working. Van Drew had tried to straddle the fence, claiming that he supported the inquiry but was not on board with impeaching Trump. But after hearing from the American people, he realized that impeachment could cost him his political career.

Van Drew has now become the first Democrat to call on Pelosi to shut down the impeachment "inquiry."

"All that's swirling around us now is impeachment," Van Drew said explaining his opposition to it. "We talk about it day and night. It's what's on the news. There is nothing that has turned up that is impeachable. Our Founding Fathers set impeachment to be extremely rare. We need to get stuff done. Let the people vote, we ae going to have an election shortly."

He gets it. Even if it is only to save his career, he gets it. Both Democrats and Republicans were elected to serve the American people and as long as they are pursuing this impeachment sham, they are not doing their jobs...

Van Drew is brave. He is defying the Democrat Party because he knows this latest witch hunt is wrong. Already, other Democrats are starting to waffle on their support for impeachment. Nancy Pelosi's coalition is starting to crumble.

That is why the Left is pushing for a formal impeachment inquiry vote this week. They want to pass the resolution before they lose any more of their members...

As I said, the pressure is working. Now, it is time to finish this!

Quick, you need to send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill this Pelosi-Schiff impeachment hoax one and for all, or else face the consequences!

Rep. Adam Schiff is leading the impeachment "inquiry" in the House Intelligence Committee. When he launched the investigation, he (wrongfully) claimed that he had evidence of a quid pro quo arrangement between Donald Trump and the Ukrainian Government. We now know that was a complete lie.

Over the weekend, Schiff changed his tune. Instead of admitting he was wrong, he is now saying that he doesn't need a quid pro quo in order to impeach Trump... He is also now saying that the anti-Trump CIA "whistleblower" may not even need to testify before Congress anymore. Instead of having to answer for his biases, the Left wants to move on with their impeachment probe without even using the "whistleblower" that started this.

This whole thing is a sham. It is an impeachment investigation in search of a justification. More and more Democrats and Republicans are seeing this and they are running for the hills...

It is time to finish this! I am calling on all Conservatives to join us today and put maximum pressure on Congress to shut this sham investigation down. If you want to stop the Left from removing this President from office, you need to join this fight right now!

Our goal today is to bombard Congress with a quarter million FaxBlasts telling ALL Congressmen and Senators -- Republicans and Democrats -- that supporting Pelosi's impeachment "inquiry" is political suicide. They will be removed from office. That is not a threat, it is a promise.

We want to make these cowards think twice before voting to undo the 2016 election...

But we can't do this without your help!

The Left is pressuring Pelosi to hold the impeachment vote this week. It is now or never!

Help us shut this impeachment hoax down,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily