President Trump is going all out against Robert Mueller's witch hunt. And he has to. The Republican Establishment has decided to try to take him down.

Just yesterday, yet ANOTHER Republican Senator signed onto the Left's plan to keep Mueller's witch hunt going forever.

"I do not subscribe that this is some kind of witch hunt," declared Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski. "I have had good discussion with colleagues about this legislation, so I have said that I would consider supporting it, and based on what passed out of committee, if it comes to the floor, unless something changes I'm prepared to support it."

There were four Republicans who voted to bring the bill out of committee: Lindsey Graham (SC), Chuck Grassley (IA), Thom Tillis (NC), and Jeff Flake (AZ). We are also hearing that NeverTrumper Ben Sasse (NE) is on board, as is Susan Collins (ME). John McCain (AZ), who is dying from brain cancer and hasn't voted since last year, is being courted to come and help pass the Special Counsel Integrity Act. 

By this count, at least eight Republicans have caved. But they wouldn't be flying McCain in if they didn't already have the other three votes...

  Please, join the fight! Send your instant message to Congress and tell them to shut Mueller's witch hunt down for good!

On the House side, the bill has more than 150 co-sponsors and Republicans are openly discussing joining the push to try to save their seats this November. In just one week, six Republicans have signed onto the House bill.

Why is there a new push to save Mueller? Yesterday, a Federal judge slammed Mueller's investigators for lying to the court and waging a witch hunt against Pres. Trump's allies.

And on the House side, a new resolution was introduced to end the Mueller witch hunt for good. Introduced by Rep. Todd Rokita (R-IN), the bill would order Robert Mueller to present his evidence within a month, or else be shut down.

"No one in government should be without accountability, and for many Americans, this investigation looks more like an attempt by the Washington elite to destroy President Trump with innuendo, leaks, and baseless allegations than to provide justice," Rep. Rokita explained.

But the GOP leadership is blocking this from coming to a vote. Paul Ryan believes that Mueller's team should be allowed to investigate President Trump for however long they want.

But they see the walls crashing down around them. A Federal judge is actually going to rule on whether Mueller has abused his power in going after Trump's allies. 'You don't care about Paul Manafort,' the Judge told the Mueller team yesterday, 'You just want to prosecute or impeach the President.'

The establishment see the writing on the wall and want to make sure that Mueller's witch hunt -- their best shot at reversing the 2016 election -- goes on indefinitely.

The momentum is building. Conservatives are finally rising up to shut this madness down.

Please, join us! Send your instant message to Congress and tell them to shut Mueller's witch hunt down for good!

Our FaxBlast campaign this past week against Mueller delivered more than 150,000 Faxes to Congress. That same day, Rep. Rokita introduced his bill to shut it all down. More Conservatives signed onto the plan to shut Mueller down.

The pressure is working.