The White House admitted that Biden is preparing gun control executive orders!

Yesterday, Joe Biden delivered a gun control address to the nation. He admitted that he didn't know a lot about the Boulder, Colorado Islamic Terrorist Attack, but then proceeded to demand specific changes to gun control laws anyway.

The wishlist is the same: Biden wants a way to register American gun owners through "universal background checks" and he wants to ban so-called "assault weapons," a term that has been so loosened that the current proposal would ban most of the most popular semi-automatic firearms in America...

But the most shocking news came immediately after that speech. White House Press Secretary Jen "Circle-Back Girl" Psaki told reporters that the Biden White House is actively preparing gun control executive orders to enact his gun ban and registration proposal.

"We are considering a range of levers, including working through legislation, including executive action. He, as vice president, was leading the effort on determining executive actions that could be taken on gun safety measures, it’s something that he has worked on, he’s passionate about, he feels personally connected to. But there’s an ongoing process..."

We now know that gun control executive orders are not just a hypothetical threat. There is an "ongoing process" to put them together...

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The President of the United States is actively trying to figure out ways to restrict the 2nd Amendment through his own executive action. This is the definition of tyranny!

Kamala Harris proposed a number of gun control executive orders when she was running for President last year, so it is likely that the Biden-Harris administration will start off with these...

In 1994, Congress passed a law requiring that gun dealers perform background checks on all firearm sales. The law deliberately left private sales and transfers out. However, the definition of a "gun dealer" is defined by the ATF, which can be easily changed by executive action. Then-candidate Kamala Harris advocated redefining what it means to be a "firearm dealer."

Right now, the regulations are cut and dry. If someone deliberately buys guns in order to sell them for a profit, then they are considered "in the business of selling firearms" and must conduct background checks. Under the Harris plan, however, anyone who sells or transfers five guns in a calendar year would be required to register with the government as a gun store and perform background checks on all sales. Gun control advocates, however, want that number reduced down to one. Anyone who sells or transfers more than one gun a year would be classified as being "in the business of selling firearms" and would have to run all purchasers through the background check system.

Others are advocating the number be set at ZERO, essentially making private firearm sales and transfers illegal under Federal regulations. With one stroke of the pen, Biden could outlaw private sales by ordering the ATF to create a stricter definition of the phrase, "in the business of selling firearms." Biden is also reportedly preparing to ban homemade guns by executive order using the same regulatory authority.

Biden is also reportedly looking at ways to ban and restrict so-called "assault weapons" by changing import/export laws. The ATF first implemented a ban on importing "assault weapons" during the George H.W. Bush administration. Under Clinton, that ban was expanded to make it even harder to import semi-automatic rifles, shotguns, or handguns. Since then, manufacturers and importers have figured out ways to comply with these bans. For example, instead of importing completed guns, semi-automatic firearms are imported as "parts kits" and then assembled by American companies.

Over the years, the ATF has strengthened these regulations to make it harder and harder to import weapons. With the stroke of a pen, Biden is considering just shutting it down all together.

Former Vice President Biden's administration is also considering using the little-known International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) to place burdensome restrictions on American gun manufacturers. ITAR regulates the "manufacture, sale, and distribution of defense and space related articles and services." Basically, it is in place to make sure American weapons manufacturers don't export guns to our enemies.

A few years ago, the Federal government used ITAR to take down websites sharing blueprints teaching people how to build their own guns. This information was clearly protected under the First Amendment, but because the websites could be accessed by terrorists abroad, the State Department got it taken down. The courts ruled that anything that could be exported can be regulated as if they are being exported. The Biden administration is considering applying similar regulations to American gun makers, arguing that the guns could potentially fall into the hands of terrorists. While this wouldn't completely ban semi-automatic firearms, it would make it harder and harder for gun makers to stay in business, and many would likely fold under the new (expensive) regulations.

This is what Biden is preparing to sign. It is up to YOU to stop them!

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Executive Orders are not as permanent as Congressional Action. But as we saw under Trump, when a Democrat President signs an executive order, the courts conspire with the Left to keep it in effect. Just look at Obama's amnesty order. It took four years for the Supreme Court to hear the case and in the end, they blocked Trump from undoing it...

If Biden signs these executive orders, even without legislative action, they will be on the books for good...

The only way to stop this is to fight back right now!

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Fight for your gun rights!

Max McGuire

Conservative Daily