The United Nations is threatening to take the Trump administration to court for 'violating the human rights' of people around the world, specifically in Palestine.

How did Trump commit human rights violations? He cut funding to some of the UN's most bloated and corrupt agencies.

The UNRWA is the agency that provides relief and aid to Palestinians. Obama promised to fund 1/3 of all of their programs. Trump announced this year that he would be cutting tens of millions in aid to this one agency alone.

Immediately, the UN started fear mongering, claiming that children would die and starve if Trump didn't continue making the payments Obama promised. None of that happened. In fact, we learned since then that they would have had all of the funding if the Palestinian Government hadn't secretly bought a new private jet for their politicians. They ordered the private jet after Obama made the promises. If the funding kept coming in, no one would have noticed.

So now, the UN is trying a different tactic and accusing President Trump of violating Palestinian school children's human rights because there isn't enough money to keep the schools open anymore. Pierre Krahenbuhl (shown above) is the Commissioner General of the UNRWA. He is now accusing President Trump of violating Palestinians' 'fundamental rights' by cutting off aid charity.

It really puts a tear in your eye knowing that these children won't learn how to chant "death to America" or "death to Israel" anymore...

It's time to pull the plug on ALL of it...

Cut them off! Tell Congress right now that they MUST completely defund the United Nations and put America First!

Congress must pass a new omnibus spending bill by the end of the month. Included in that is appropriations for the United Nations.

They are literally deciding, right now, how much of your taxdollars to send to the UN. The giveaway is being drafted right now.

We are calling for something quite simple: put America first. For far too long, we have put the United Nations and other countries ahead of ourselves. President Trump ran on a campaign promise to end this madness and he is fulfilling those promises.

But what we are seeing is that the GOP establishment and Democrats are working behind the scenes to restore everything Trump is cutting.

The UN's climate change agency? Trump cut it and the establishment passed an amendment to restore the funding.

Foreign aid to countries that hate us? Trump is cutting it, but the GOP leadership approved an amendment that would require the Trump administration to dole out everything that Obama promised to the world.

Congressional leadership is actually working hand-in-hand with the United Nations to restore most of their funding. It's shameful.

The only way they're able to get away with any of this is because it is being done behind closed doors. No one really pays attention to obscure amendments that get passed in Appropriations Committee hearings.

But you know about what they're doing and with that knowledge comes a responsibility to act!

Pull it all! Tell Congress right now that they MUST cut off all funding to the United Nations!

We have a real opportunity to pull the plug on the United Nations. This is our chance to defund the bloated international aid programs that grew out of control under the Obama administration.

The United Nations is going all out and even accusing the President of violating human rights by cutting funding.

Enough is enough!

Don't let the GOP and Democrats in Congress restore this funding!

Don't let them do this! Send your instantaneous message to Congress and FORCE them to pull all funding from the United Nations before it's too late!