We are getting a look at what the Democrats' post-impeachment plans look like. Yes, they are going to continue to "investigate" the President. And we know how that will go...

But they are also advancing a new immigration package that, quite honestly, is the most radical immigration bill I have ever seen.

It is called the New Way Forward Act and includes pretty much every radical immigration proposal that Democrats have ever wanted.

*Most Illegal alien criminals would no longer be deported from the country. Right now, any illegal alien convicted of crime and sentenced to over one year in prison automatically qualify for deportation. Under the New Way Forward Act, an illegal alien would have to be sentenced to over five years in prison before becoming deportable. Illegal aliens convicted of violent crimes and even gun crimes would be shielded from deportation.

*Illegal alien convicted criminals who have already been deported would be invited back into the United States. That's right, under the New Way Forward Act, if an illegal alien was deported sometime in the last 24 years, they would be allowed to re-enter the US and receive amnesty to continue living here illegally. 

*Illegal aliens who get caught would be able to force the government to release them by simply claiming to be gay or transgendered. This is something that we first covered a few weeks ago, and warned would happen. Democrats have now introduced the legislation to create even more loopholes for illegal aliens to use to get released from custody.

*Illegal aliens would also receive government-funded healthcare under the bill. And by government-funded, I mean that it would be YOU funding the program. So not only would you be on the hook for your own health insurance, but your taxd ollars would also fund healthcare for illegal aliens as well!

These are just four of the many ridiculous changes that are found in the 4,400-page New Way Forward Act. And this is what Democrats consider a "compromise"...

Quick, send your instant message to Congress right now and force them to KILL the New Way Forward Act and stop these radical amnesty provisions from passing!

The goal is to attach the New Way Forward Act to the American Dream and Promise Act, the Democrat-written bill that would give amnesty to millions of illegal alien criminals and even include a pathway to citizenship.

Combined, these two bills would literally destroy the country. They would open the floodgates and allow millions of illegal aliens to force their way into the country and then turn around and give those same criminals a pathway to US citizenship.

And as I said, this is the Democrats' idea of a "compromise."

Many of these provisions, however, were actually written by Republicans. It was Republicans who first tried to craft get-out-of-jail exemptions for illegal aliens caught by Border Patrol or ICE. The GOP was originally the ones to float a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens.

Remember, 7 Republicans have already gone on the record to support Nancy Pelosi's amnesty bill. Democrats are hoping they can snag at least a couple more to push their entire package through.

The Democrat Party is desperate to prove that they can get something done. After utterly failing on impeachment, they know they need to pass a major piece of legislation, or else they are finished come next election. And they believe that this radical amnesty bill is "it."

This is going to start moving very fast! Democrats are talking about forcing a vote this week!

Quick, send your instant message to Congress right now and force them to KILL the New Way Forward Act and stop these radical amnesty provisions from passing!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily