Remember Nancy Pelosi's so-called "Heroes Act," H.R.6800? This was the 3 Trillion spending bill that Nancy Pelosi tried to rush through towards the end of last month. 

The bill was pretty much nothing but a Democrat wishlist of all the programs they wanted to push through, using the coronavirus as an excuse. We covered at the time just how radical this bill was. It would have sent stimulus checks to illegal aliens, legalized "ballot harvesting" nationwide, and even funded idiotic programs to study "environmental justice" (that is the Leftist claim that the weather is racist).

But Democrats didn't want to focus on that. They wanted to focus on the section of the bill which would give first responders bonuses for their hard work during the coronavirus pandemic. That is why the bill was called the "Heroes Act." On May 15th, Democrats in the House voted to authorize extra benefits for first responders, including doctors, nurses, firefighters, and police officers.

Under this bill, Police Officers would get up to 10k in bonus "hazard pay." They would get a monthly stipend to help with child care, offer generous tax deductions, extra disability benefits, student loan forgiveness, and even 300 million in direct payments to police departments to help them buy protective gear. With the exception of 14 holdouts, every other Democrat Representative voted for this.

But oh, what a difference three weeks can make... Instead of honoring and rewarding the heroes in Police Departments, Democrats have now changed their minds and are demanding that Police Departments be defunded!

Tell Congress right now that any Congressman or Senator, Republican or Democrat, who dares vote to 'defund the police' will be removed from office immediately!

This movement is being led by the so-called "Squad" -- Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI).

Because one police officer in Minneapolis allegedly killed George Floyd, and three others allegedly watched on while it happens, the Radical Left is now demanding the nationwide defunding of law enforcement officers. Quite a departure from the Heroes Act, huh?

Usually, these kinds of radical proposals would be ignored by Republicans and Democrats alike. But the Defund the Police movement could not come at a worse time.

The Federal Government's fiscal year ends at the end of September. That is the deadline for Congress to pass twelve appropriations bills in order to keep the government funded. If even one of these bills fail to pass, we get a government shutdown. 

One of those appropriations bills is known as the Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act. This bill makes up the majority of the annual budget's law enforcement spending. Not only does it include funding for federal law enforcement agencies like the FBI, ATF, and US Marshals Service, but it also includes tens of billions in grants and funding awards to state and local police departments. Another bill, the Homeland Security Appropriations Act, also includes billions in grants to help police departments prepare for terrorist attacks. The District of Columbia Appropriations Act funds DC Metro Police, the National Defense Authorization Act includes funding to give local police access to surplus federal riot gear, and even the Interior Appropriations Act funds the park police, who have been the ones protecting the park around the White House from rioters.

Added all together, we are talking about hundreds of billions in funding going to law enforcement programs every year. Now, AOC and her leftist allies want to pull the plug on this. And they have the power to do it.

If you look at the committees and subcommittees that will begin debating these bills in the next week or so, there are anti-police Democrats on every single one of them. For goodness' sake, even Ilhan Omar has a seat on the Budget Committee...

And Nancy Pelosi is already caving to their demands. She is promising to bring a police accountability and defunding bill to the floor for a vote this coming week.

You must stop them!

Stop the rabid leftists before it's too late! Tell Congress right now that any Congressman or Senator, Republican or Democrat, who dares vote to 'defund the police' will be removed from office immediately!

Democrats have spent years trying to prevent Americans from being able to legally defend themselves and their families by chipping away at the 2nd Amendment. Their argument was always that 'you don't need a gun because the police are there to protect you.' Well, now they want to defund the police too and make it impossible for them to enforce the law.

Will these Leftists get everything they want? No. While they're certainly cowards, the GOPers isn't stupid enough to sign off on a plan to cut hundreds of billions in law enforcement funding.

But Democrats are confident that they will be able to get some of their agenda through. They are confident that they will be able to cut at least some police funding and cut off departments' access to federal grants. They are demanding that the Republicans meet them halfway.

Yes, they are demanding that the GOP "compromise" on their plan to defund the police...

Whatever you do, you CANNOT let this happen!

Pelosi wants to hold a vote this week! Quick, you must send your urgent message to Congress right now and threaten to REMOVE any Republican or Democrat who dares vote for any of these 'defund the police' bills!

Stop them!

Max McGuire

Advocacy Director

Conservative Daily