Over the past week, Texas has seen unprecedented cold weather and winter storms. Stores had already started putting out Spring and Summer clothing when the temperatures plummeted. Two of the pipes in my house burst from the cold, even with the water trickling, and I am going to be spending today working on those repairs and hunting to make sure we don't have any more slow leaks.

While we Texans aren't used to the cold weather, we are used to bouncing back from natural disasters. We are used to rallying together as a community to help one another recover. 

Many were looking for Federal assistance this past week, but it never seemed to arrive. Now that temperatures are rising again, we are all able to assess the situation. Want to know how many generators the Biden administration sent to keep the lights on in Texas?

60... That is how many generators FEMA sent to keep the lights on in Texas, a state of 29 million people. The generators were delivered days after over 4 million Texans had already lost power. And do you know where the bulk of those generators went? To keep the Covid-19 vaccine doses cold...

What was Joe Biden doing while Texans were losing power and freezing to death? Well, we don't know everything that was on Biden's schedule, but we do know that he apparently had enough free time to play video games. Specifically, he played Mario Kart... (shown above)

Remember when Hurricane Maria pummeled Puerto Rico? Donald Trump gave the island everything it needed, but corrupt politicians and labor leaders refused to allow it to be unloaded at the port or airport. Democrat politicians gave press conferences demanding Trump's impeachment from inside a warehouse full of emergency supplies that they never bothered to even attempt to deliver.

When the Puerto Rico power grid fell apart, Trump delivered 1,667 generators to the island. FEMA actually ran out of generators, so Trump leased to make sure the Island had what it needed. And the Left still demanded that Trump be impeached over his Puerto Rico response...

If that is the standard, then Joe Biden must be impeached.

Impeach 46! Send your instant message to Congress right now and DEMAND Joe Biden be impeached for his many high crimes and misdemeanors!

Texas will recover, with or without Joe Biden's help. And to be fair, Biden's inaction this week is just one of the many reasons he should be removed from office.

Right before the winter storm hit Texas, Biden signed an executive order allowing China to become involved in the US electric grid. Trump had forbidden it.

Hunter Biden is still invested heavily in China, posing an obvious conflict of interest. Remember, Hunter's foreign contracts set aside "10% for the big guy," aka Joe Biden. Last week, Biden refused to condemn China's genocide against Uyghur Muslims, saying that "culturally, there are different norms..."

After spending the 2020 campaign claiming to have a solution to the pandemic, Biden took office and admitted that there was nothing he could do and the virus would have to run its course. Again, using the Left's standard, Joe Biden is apparently responsible for all 93,272 Coronavirus deaths since inauguration day.

Joe Biden has presided over the most radical use of the executive order power in our history, signing at least 54 executive orders in his first month. They included executive orders designed to surrender more sovereignty to the UN and its organizations and a decision to freeze a Trump executive order designed to reduce the cost of insulin and other prescription drugs (Insulin costs have since skyrocketed).

And that is only a piece of what he did in the last month. According to Democrats, Joe Biden can apparently still be impeached for things he did as Vice President, such as weaponizing American loan guarantees to force Ukraine to fire the prosecutor investigating Hunter Biden's company...

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is now leading the charge to force a vote on impeachment articles against Joe Biden. As you remember, even when Republicans controlled the House, Democrats were still able to use parliamentary maneuvers to force a vote on impeachment articles against Trump.

Well, now Rep. Greene is trying to do the same thing against Joe Biden. But she needs your help to force the vote!

Impeach 46! Send your instant message to Congress right now and DEMAND Joe Biden be impeached for his many high crimes and misdemeanors!

Impeach 46!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily