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You keep telling us that we should have trust in American institutions. You tell us this even as these institutions actively destroy our trust. 

Across the nation, adults are sexualizing and grooming children. Adults are incorporating children into their depravity. Adults are recruiting children – CHILDREN! – into degenerate lifestyles.

If the FBI – who is funded and empowered to fight these atrocious crimes, continues to neglect that duty in favor of fabricating crimes against conservatives, harassing former presidents, and prosecuting peaceful protestors – can you really be surprised when Americans take the protection of children into their own hands?

White, black, brown, gay, straight, and every other intersectional distinction of Americans are standing in the gap – the gap left by you neglecting your duty and your oath.

As your corrupted justice department fabricates crimes against conservatives, criminalizes parenting, and persecutes peaceful protestors, you’re neglecting to protect our children from dangerous predators. 

Justice for our children will come, one way or another. There is zero trust remaining in the Biden Department of Justice. That’s dangerous, but we will protect American children with or without the federal government. 

If without, then why do we need you at all? Restore justice to the justice system and get your priorities straight!  

Remember your oath and stand in the gap for the most vulnerable among us: our children.