Last week, we reported that the United Nations was facing a serious budget crisis. UN officials warned that if they did not get an additional 1 billion from the United States -- that they claim we "owe" them -- then United Nations programs would have to start shutting down.

They actually sent President Trump a bill for 1 billion and demanded that he pay-up. Trump immediately threw it in the trash and told the UN bureaucrats to go ask other countries for donations.

A week later, we are seeing that the UN was being completely serious. Over the weekend, the United Nations actually had to shut down their headquarters in New York City. The building was closed on Saturday and Sunday, and officials say it will continue to close on the weekends until the Trump administration hands over the money that Obama promised them...

When the UN said they would have to start shutting down its programs, I never imagined that their budget crisis was so bad they would have to start closing their New York headquarters... 

But, the UN isn't panicking quite yet. Congressional Democrats are promising to pay the United Nations more this year than ever before!

The State Department, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Act is the annual spending bill that governs American diplomacy. Not only does this fund the State Department and our embassies, but it also sets our foreign aid levels. That includes the funding we send to the United Nations.

Now that Democrats control the House of Representatives, they get to start the appropriations process.

We read through the entire bill, H.R. 2839. While the Democrats left in the provision capping US contributions to the United Nations' peacekeeping programs (capped at 28.4%), there are no caps applied to the UN's General Budget.

This change would allow Democrats -- and their globalist GOP allies -- to send as much funding to the United Nations as they want. And that is exactly what this legislation would do.

Right off the bat, H.R. 2839 would increase the United States' contribution to the United Nations by 737 million above the current funding levels. But it doesn't stop there. Since the bill removes the cap, the Left has also included a provision to pay back almost all of the funding that Trump cut from the UN's budget over the past two years.

"That, of the amounts appropriated under this heading, not less than 478,994,000 shall be disbursed to the United Nations not later than 45 days after the enactment of this Act for the remaining amounts necessary to pay in full for fiscal years 2017 and 2018."

When you add this up, these two provisions alone would send an additional 1.2 billion to the United Nations next year. That is more than the United Nations even says we "owe" them. 

And it gets worse. The legislation also restores funding to the UN's Paris Climate Treaty (which Obama had no right to sign in the first place) and the UNFPA, a pro-abortion program that promotes and facilitates abortions worldwide. It also restores hundreds of millions to the UN's Palestinian operations, even though that money had been traced to the Palestinian Authority's terrorism programs.

Now that the UN is facing bankruptcy, Congressional Democrats are moving this legislation up on the schedule. Instead of waiting until next week to save the UN from bankruptcy, the Left wants to push the bill through this week!

You need to help us kill this UN funding surrender plot! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to strip out all UN funding increases from H.R. 2839 before it gets pushed through!

President Trump promised to take a hatchet to the United Nations' budget and stop funding its anti-American activities, and he did just that. 

Trump cut so much over the past two years that the UN has actually had to start closing their New York headquarters on weekends just to stay afloat. 

But now, Congress is about to vote on a bill that would give it all back to the United Nations.

And it is not just Democrats, either. The GOP has been rubber-stamping UN funding increases for years. The Republican leadership is so terrified of a government shut down that they will pass almost anything the Democrats put in front of them...

The GOP doesn't have the courage to risk a government shutdown to kill this UN funding increase. They will cave to the Left's demands unless you take action right now!

It is up to YOU to hold their feet to the fire and force them to strip these UN funding amendments from the bill before it is too late!

Please help us pull the plug on the UN,


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily