Nancy Pelosi held a press conference this week and told reporters that even though Democrats are trying to impeach President Trump, there is still bipartisan support to "do something" on gun control.

That is always their talking point, isn't it? We have to "do something," even if that something is revoking Americans' God-given right to keep and bear arms!

The Left claims that Republicans need to "meet them halfway" on gun control.

But they have staked out such radical positions that even meeting them halfway would constitute the biggest gun ban in American history...

The GOP, however, believes they have found common ground with the Left and it is bad... really bad.

On Wednesday, Democrat Presidential Candidates descended on Las Vegas to attend a gun control conference. Elizabeth Warren called on all gun purchasers should be immediately flagged and law enforcement be notified that they just bought a gun. She then promised to use this registry information to 'take firearms off our streets,' aka confiscation.

Joe Biden declared that he would ban tens of millions of semi-automatic firearms and hundreds of millions of ammunition magazines and give gun owners a choice: (1) surrender them to the government, or (2) pay 200 to formally register them with the ATF under the same law that regulates machine guns, hand grenades, and bazookas.

Kamala Harris said that if she wins, she will confiscate upwards of 10 million guns from law abiding Americans by implementing a mandatory gun "buyback." She admits that confiscation is difficult because the government doesn't know who precisely owns weapons.

The trend went on and on at the conference, with each Democrat trying to one-up the other by promising even more gun confiscations. But the same theme was present throughout: Democrats want to confiscate tens of millions of guns.

At the heart of their proposals is a very simple premise: in order for the Left to carry out their ultimate goal -- to confiscate Americans' guns -- they need to implement some form of registration requirement. Complete and total confiscation is impossible without registration. Some call for literal registration with the ATF, others want to hide their database in a universal background check law. But they both have the same result: if the government knows who has guns, they can use that knowledge to confiscate them...

That is why Congress limited the background check system in to just purchases made at gun stores. Republicans in the 1990s knew that if you let the government monitor and keep a database of private transfers, then the Feds would know every time a gun changes hands in this country. That information could be used to create a national gun owner registry.

But all that is about to change. Today's Republicans are so desperate to "do something" on gun control that they are offering Democrats the missing piece to their gun confiscation plan. Republicans are offering to allow the government to monitor and record ALL firearm sales and transfers in the country!

The GOP plan would require that private purchasers submit to a background check in order to acquire a gun. Right there, the government would gain access to the buyer's name. But the proposal would also require the seller to produce and maintain a Bill of Sale, which would include details on the seller and buyer, as well as a detailed description of what firearm(s) changed hands. The seller would have to safeguard those documents for at least 20 years and make them available to the ATF whenever agents ask for them...

Combined, this proposal would give the Left everything they need. It would give them a registry of American gun owners, by documenting who bought and sold the gun, while also giving the government the gun's serial number as well.

This is precisely what Democrats need to launch their confiscation push, and Republicans are just offering to give it to them!

Don't let them do this! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they kill this dangerous gun registration 'compromise' bill right now... or else!

This gun registration proposal was drafted by the Trump administration. They see it as a "compromise."

But that is all we ever seem to do. Every time there is a mass shooting, gun owners are told they need to "compromise" a little more. What have we ever gotten in return?

The Left's idea of a "compromise" is that instead of having to give up all of our guns, we only need to surrender some of them...

We already know what their plan is. The Democrats are literally promising to confiscate Americans' guns. Whether it is through a so-called "buy-back" or door-to-door raids, that is their end goal.

And if the GOP gives them this, the Left will have everything to make their dream a reality.

I know that there is a lot going on right now. But if this "compromise" registration bill passes, it is all over.

Whatever you do, you need to fight back right now before it's too late! 

Never surrender the 2nd Amendment,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily