All week, Hillary Clinton's former advisors and aides have denied having anything to do with the fraudulent Fusion GPS dossier. Hillary's Campaign Chairman, John Podesta, vehemently denied last week ever knowing about the dossier. But last night, Hillary herself admitted on television to funneling money overseas and pay Russian sources to produce gossip on Donald Trump.

"The people doing [the research] came to my campaign lawyer [Marc Elias] and said, 'would you like us to continue it?' He said yes."

Hillary Clinton's campaign funneled money overseas, paid a foreign agent, and had him bribe Russian sources in order to compile dirt against Donald Trump. That dossier, even though it contained multiple falsehoods, was then funneled into the Obama Justice Department to justify an investigation against Trump.

She called this all "opposition research," and yet, when news broke that Donald Trump Jr. met with a Russian source to discuss possible dirt on her, Hillary called it treason. Funny how that works, isn't it...

Hillary Clinton's admission, though, gives us solid proof that her campaign was responsible for this fake report that the FBI and DOJ used to start the Trump investigation. But the evidence also suggests that the DNC and even Obama himself paid for this dossier as well.

Last week, Conservatives in Congress promised to get to the bottom of whether or not Clinton paid for this. Now that she admitted it, it is time to launch a full investigation!

Hillary admitted it! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to investigate and prosecute the Clintons, DNC, and Obama administration for these collusion crimes!

What we see here is not only real collusion but also the fact that the Democrats weaponized the FBI to go after Donald Trump and his aides. All by using a foreign dossier that contained many glaring falsehoods.

The biggest falsehood was the allegation that Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen met with Russian agents overseas on a specific day. It turns out that Cohen was with his son touring the baseball facilities at the University of Southern California. Right there alone, this dossier has been discredited.

But evidence is starting to suggest that the Obama administration used this dossier not only to justify launching an investigation against Trump, but also to try to get a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.

This is why Donald Trump is comparing this to Watergate. The Clintons, DNC, and Obama paid a foreign agent to create a dossier accusing Trump of being a traitor. The Obama administration then turned around and used that dossier to try to get a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. When that warrant was rejected, the Obama administration circumvented the law by "unmasking" Trump aides when they were "incidentally" surveilled.

This is a coordinated effort across the entire Democrat establishment to spy on their political opponents. They weaponized the federal law enforcement agencies against an adversary.

This is a BIG deal!

Lock her up! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they investigate and prosecute Hillary Clinton and her aides for their role in these crimes!

This scandal has the power to tear down the entire Democratic Party, including the Clintons and Barack Obama himself. Hillary Clinton's admission confirms last week's bombshell allegation. She admitted to her role in this on television last night.

We can't delay any more. There are no more excuses. Robert Mueller will not stop investigating until he finds something, anything, that Trump did wrong.

Here we have multiple Clinton and Obama crimes staring us in the face and begging to be investigated and prosecuted. President Trump is demanding these crimes be investigated and prosecuted. The GOP, however, is dragging its feet, hoping you just forget about all of this.

Prove them wrong!

Prosecute them all! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and force them to investigate and prosecute the Clintons, DNC, and Obama administration for these collusion crimes!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily