Two days ago, the United Nations slammed the Trump administration and demanded that illegal aliens be allowed to cross the border without being detained. 

This was the final straw.

Yesterday afternoon, word came down from the White House to officially pull the plug. Nikki Haley formally announced that the United States is withdrawing from the corrupt United Nations Human Rights Council. And with it, we're cutting off tens of millions that Obama had promised them.

Trump is keeping his promise to put America First. He is pulling the plug on the United Nations' most weaponized agency.

Look at it this way. Saudi Arabia is on the UN's Human Rights Council, a country that puts gays to death and only this month started letting women drive cars. Last week, that council, instead of targeting real human rights abuses around the world, decided to go after the Trump administration for enforcing immigration laws at the border.

67%+ of all of the UN Human Rights Council's resolutions end up being against Israel and the United States. The globalists have taken your taxdollars and used them to weaponize the United Nations against us and our allies. Trump just cut them off.

You can always tell that Trump is doing a good job when the RINOs start working with Democrats to stop him. GOP turncoats like John McCain, Jeff Flake, and Bob Corker are already in talks with Democrats to try to reverse this. Even if Trump keeps the US out of the Council, these traitors want to keep your taxdol lars flowing to this anti-American organization.

It's time to pull out all together!

Don't let the GOP turn back Trump's success! Send your instant message to Congress and FORCE them to pull all funding from the United Nations!

Trump is slashing the United Nations' budget left and right. 

We heard about this move from one of our sources a couple of weeks ago. You have no idea just how many cowardly Republicans called the President to beg him to reconsider.

But now, to see them actually talking with Democrats, to force Trump to continue making the donations? Unacceptable.

Last year, Lindsey Graham, Lamar Alexander, and Susan Collins teamed up with Democrats on the Senate Appropriations to re-appropriate funding to the UN's radical climate change body. Trump withdrew from the horrible UN Climate Treaty and cut off all the funds that Obama had promised them (3 billion). With one vote, these three Republicans got the funding added back into the omnibus bill.

Trump is doing everything out in the open. The GOP traitors are the ones who are working in the shadows to undermine the America First agenda.

Last month, Mitch McConnell cancelled the August recess and demanded that Congress get back to the business of passing budget bills. One of those bills will be the State Department's Foreign Relations appropriations package. That legislation will tell the Trump administration how much of your taxdoll ars to send to the United Nations.

That number must be a big fat 0!

Hold the line! Send your instant message to Congress and FORCE them to pull all funding from the United Nations immediately!

It is time to pull out of the United Nations entirely. If they want to assault America's national security and sovereignty, they'll need to find another benefactor... The Obama days at the United Nations are officially over. 

There's a lot going on in Washington DC, so much that it is next to impossible for the average American to keep track of everything.

That is by design.

They don't want you to know about the details of the appropriations process. The only way they can stab you in the back is if you don't see it coming. They work on these surrender bills behind closed doors, hold "public" hearings that get hosted on CSPAN3 and get no media coverage, and then they trot the bill out 24-hours before a budget deadline, when it is too late to change anything.

This ends today! Congress is working on these budget bills this week. If we're going to strip out the UN's funding, it must happen now!

Cut it all! Please, send your instant message to Congress and DEMAND they follow Trump's lead and pull all funding from the United Nations and its anti-American programs!

Cut. Them. Off.

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily