This is it. The last, best chance to repeal Obamacare and send it to the ash heap of history where it belongs.

Full repeal. That is what is on the table. A year and a half ago, Congress put a full repeal bill onto Obama's desk, where it was promptly vetoed. Now, we have a chance to put a full Obamacare repeal bill onto Trump's desk and he is eager to sign it.

The President threw down the gauntlet and demanded that GOP leadership schedule a vote. That day is today.

Trump did everything he could. It is now up to YOU to make sure that Congress honors its oath and repeals Obamacare!

Get loud and send Congress a message they can't ignore! Send your instantaneous FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they fully repeal Obamacare!

Today is a day that was 7+ years in the making. It is our chance to once and for all to get rid of the abomination known as Obamacare.

The vote is going to be tight. Mike Pence might even need to cast the tie vote. But nothing worth doing ever turns out to be easy...

It all comes down to this... Join the fight and force Congress to fully repeal Obamacare!

Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to repeal Obamacare once and for all!

This is it,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily