Oh my goodness. Today, Democrats are rolling out their "Articles of Impeachment" against President Trump. Article 1 is Abuse of Power, which is not an actual crime. The entire claim that Trump asked Ukraine to interfere in the next election is bogus. Every President looks into crimes committed by the previous administration. Just because Joe Biden is running for President doesn't mean he is potected from scrutiny.

And Article 2 is Obstruction of Congress, which is also not a real crime because the President is challenging the Democrats' subpoenas in court. But instead of giving Trump the chance to win these court cases, Democrats want to impeach him now.

Absolutely shocking. After spending months accusing Trump of bribery, extortion, quid pro quo, campaign finance violations, and even treason, Democrats are moving forward with impeaching Trump over non-crimes.

And the Left is starting to implode. Last week, there were two Democrats on record promising to vote against impeachment. Today, by our count, that number has grown to NINE.

If a total of 18 Democrats flip, then the Impeachment vote will FAIL. That means we are literally halfway there!

Pelosi knows she is losing votes. She knows that Democrats are running away from impeachment to try to save their careers. So, she is rushing to have the impeachment articles approved today so Congress can vote on them starting tomorrow!

 Help us kill this impeachment push once and for all! You must send your instant FaxBlast right now and tell Congress  that anyone who supports this attempted coup will be removed from office themselves!

We are halfway to defeating the Left's sham impeachment push and revealing Pelosi and Schiff for the frauds they are.

The House Judiciary Committee is voting on the Articles of Impeachment TODAY. That means that starting tomorrow, it will be eligible for floor consideration.

Now is the time to give this everything you've got. We have a chance, right here and now, to deliver the Democrats a stunning defeat. 

Not only that, but this is our chance to force all of the Republicans to hold the line! As more and more Democrats turn against Pelosi, the Left is trying to flip "moderate" Republicans against President Trump.

Our goal today is to bury Congress in a million FaxBlasts ordering them to kill these impeachment articles and put a stop to the Democrats' coup attempt.

But we cannot do it without your help!

Please, stand up for the President and help us put maximum pressure on Congress right now!

Help us defeat Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff once and for all!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily