This is a total and complete betrayal.

Congressional Republicans have now struck a deal with Democrats to pass an "amnesty" bill to save millions of illegal aliens from deportation.

As you know, Barack Obama invented an amnesty program to protect illegal aliens from being kicked out of the country. Not only did Obama promise over 700,000 illegals that they wouldn't be deported, but he agreed to allow them to illegally work in the country without fear of prosecution.

Obama's program was completely illegal and unconstitutional.  And now starting next week, the Supreme Court is finally going to be able to weigh in.

This has sent Democrats and establishment Republicans scrambling to find a legislative solution before the Supreme Court shuts down the amnesty program.

And now, our sources indicate that both sides have come to an agreement. They are going to push through a "clean" amnesty bill!

What does a "clean" amnesty mean? It means there are no strings attached.

Typically, when you hear politicians talk about "comprehensive immigration reform," they are talking about trading amnesty for increased border security. 

But that is not what Republicans are now agreeing to. Establishment Republicans are now whipping up votes to help Democrats pass a no-strings-attached amnesty bill. 

Only, instead of covering the 700,000 illegals currently in Obama's amnesty program, the GOP is agreeing to support Nancy Pelosi's bill, H.R. 6, which would grow that number to over 2.5 million. And instead of simply protecting them from deportation, the bill would offer these illegal aliens American citizenship as well.

But it gets even worse. Republicans have caved to the Left's most radical demands: illegal aliens with multiple misdemeanor convictions will remain eligible under the program. The debate is whether illegal aliens should be capped at two or four convictions.

Just think about that for a second. Not only are Republicans and Democrats working to make Obama's unconstitutional amnesty program permanent, but they want to extend American citizenship to illegals with criminal records... The only thing they are debating is how many crimes illegal aliens should be allowed to have committed...

We know why Democrats want to pass the bill. They want to add illegal aliens to the voter rolls. They know that if millions of illegal aliens became citizens, they would be able to finally flip red states like Texas and Florida.

Republicans want this amnesty bill because their corporate donors demand it. They want to be able to hire illegal aliens because they know they can pay illegals less than American citizens. The GOP is also convinced that they need to pass an amnesty bill in order to save their careers.

For over two years, activist judges have blocked Trump from ending Obama's amnesty program. But now that the Supreme Court is poised to shut it down, Establishment Republicans like Lindsey Graham and Mitt Romney are rushing to push the Democrats' bill through!

You CANNOT let this happen!

Don't let the GOP and Democrats push this radical amnesty bill through! Please, join the fight right now and STOP Congress from giving amnesty and citizenship to illegal alien criminals!

The GOP truly believes that they need to pass an amnesty bill in order to stay in power. They believe that they will be voted out unless they give Pelosi and the Democrats what they want. They are even willing to stab you in the back and give amnesty and citizenship to illegal alien convicted criminals.

And now that the Supreme Court is just days away from hearing the case, they are rushing to formalize Obama's amnesty program and pass it into law.

After years of promising to defeat this illegal amnesty program, Republicans are now caving and working to expand it and make it permanent.

It is up to you to stop this betrayal!

Don't let them do this!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily