Democrats are working with GOP traitors to not only make Obama's amnesty executive order permanent, but also quadruple it in size and expand it to cover convicted criminals too!

Up until yesterday, every impeachment inquiry in US history has been bipartisan. But Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats became the first to authorize a formal impeachment inquiry with simply a party-line vote.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy took to the floor of the House and absolutely eviscerated the Left for prioritizing impeachment over passing legislation to fix the problems facing the American people.

"This Congress records more subpoenas than laws," McCarthy declared, "that [the 116th Congress'] legacy. It is not just devoid of solutions for the American people, it is now abusing its power to discredit democracy."

McCarthy's attack hit home and Democrats immediately tried to punch back. Pelosi promised that Democrats would begin moving forward with their legislative agenda.

And at the top of that agenda is a bill called H.R. 6, the American Dream and Promise Act. This is the Left's clean amnesty bill. It would make Barack Obama's amnesty program permanent, quadruple it in size to grant amnesty and citizenship to over 2.5 million illegal aliens, and even offer full legalization to illegal alien convicted criminals.

Pelosi tried to pass this as a standalone bill earlier in the summer, but the Senate refused to bring it up. The Left knows that the only way to push this through is to attach it to a bill that the GOP establishment cannot afford to block. And that is exactly what Democrats are doing!

Don't let these GOP and Democrat traitors make Obama's amnesty exec. order permanent! Please, fight back right now and tell Congress that any Congressman or Senator who signs onto this amnesty surrender will be removed from office!

In the middle of this impeachment witch hunt, Congress still has to pass a dozen government spending bills over the next two weeks in order to avoid another shut down. These bills are considered "must-pass," meaning that neither party can really afford to block them from passing.

We have covered a number of ways that the Left is trying to use these bills to pressure the GOP to cave to their demands. But now, we know that Democrats are going to try to go for it all.

A "clean" amnesty bill means that there are no strings attached. For years, Democrats have claimed we needed "comprehensive immigration reform." All that means is that they were offering to trade increased border security in exchange for amnesty for the illegals already here.

This time, however, Democrats don't want to trade anything. They are demanding a clean amnesty bill that would legalize more than 2.5 million illegal aliens, no questions asked.

As if that wasn't bad enough, the legislation would even offer amnesty and a pathway to citizenship to illegal alien convicted criminals. I am talking about illegal aliens who have been convicted of other crimes. Under Pelosi's plan, any illegal alien with 2 or fewer misdemeanor convictions would automatically qualify for the amnesty and citizenship program. If an illegal alien has committed 3 or 4 misdemeanor crimes, then they would have to serve a probation of 5 or 10 years (respectively) before they would qualify for a pathway to citizenship.

This is a big deal. For decades, liberal prosecutors have tried to protect illegals from deportation by allowing them to plead down their crimes. For example, illegal aliens charged with felony drug dealing charges are often allowed to plead down to misdemeanor possession. Instead of prosecuting illegals for felony identity theft, the charges are often reduced to misdemeanor "possession of forged documents." Even violent criminals have seen their charges reduced to misdemeanors.

What this means is that as long as an illegal alien has not spent more than 4 years in prison for their crimes, they would have a right to receive US citizenship under H.R.6. This is absolutely insane.

And for the first time, the GOP is actually considering giving in. You see, in just a little more than a week, the Supreme Court will finally hear the challenge to Obama's amnesty executive order. As you know, Barack Obama bypassed Congress and declared that his administration would protect around 700,000 illegal aliens from deportation. When Trump took office, he declared that he would start enforcing those laws against illegals.

Liberal judges intervened and blocked Trump from ending the executive order. These activist judges actually declared that the President of the United States cannot enforce the law, as-written. The Supreme Court is poised to finally shut down this unconstitutional amnesty program, and the Republicans are terrified.

These cowards truly believe the American people want them to legalize 2.5 million illegal aliens. They think they need to pass the Left's radical amnesty bill in order to save their jobs.

It is your job to set them straight!

Don't let these GOP and Democrat traitors make Obama's amnesty exec. order permanent! Please, fight back right now and tell Congress that any Congressman or Senator who signs onto this amnesty surrender will be removed from office!

This legislation would truly be catastrophic. Beyond offering amnesty and citizenship to actual convicted criminals, this bill would add millions of illegal aliens to the voter rolls in some of the most competitive states.

If this passes, Florida would go completely blue. North Carolina, Georgia, and Arizona would become next to impossible for Republicans to win. And for the first time, Texas would become a true swing state.

We have always known that is the Left's goal. Establishment Republicans, however, just want to import more cheap laborers. Their corporate donors -- like the Chamber of Congress -- want amnesty because it would allow companies to hire illegal aliens and pay them less than an American worker.

The GOP is negotiating a complete surrender on amnesty in order to please their corporate donors.

The very future of our Republic is at stake right now!

By attaching their amnesty plan to the upcoming spending package, Democrats plan to hold the Federal government's funding hostage unless the GOP agrees to pass their bill. They are counting on the Republicans caving and giving in to their demands.

Only you can hold these cowards' feet to the fire and force them to stand down, and you must do it right now!

Say NO to amnesty!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily