This is bad. The House Judiciary Committee has just announced a new hearing to vote on the biggest gun ban bill ever, and Republicans are starting to sign onto it!

The next time that Jerry Nadler gathers his committee, they will vote to approve H.R. 1296, better known as the Assault Weapons Ban of 2019. When Beto O'Rourke shouted from the debate stage last week that Democrats are coming to confiscate your guns, this is how they plan to do it...

H.R.1296 would ban well over a hundred million firearms. Not because they are deadlier than the others, but because they have certain attachments or characteristics that the Left wants to ban.

If you own a semi-automatic handgun with a threaded barrel, even if you already own a licensed and registered suppressor, that pistol would be banned. If you own a semi-auto home defense shotgun that holds more than 5 rounds, that would be banned as well.

And if you own a semi-automatic rifle that has a grip "or any other characteristic that can function as a grip," Congress wants to ban that gun too. You read that correctly: If you can even conceivably hold the gun in your hand, that alone would make it a so-called "Assault Weapon."

The 1994 version of the Assault Weapon ban allowed current gun owners to keep their weapons. But Democrats, led by Rep. Eric Swalwell, are forcing a vote in this next hearing to also impose a nationwide buy-back program to force you to sell your gun to the government!

This is the biggest assault on the 2nd Amendment that we have ever faced. Not only is the actual text of the Assault Weapons Ban ten-times stricter than anything the Left has dreamed up in the past, but Democrats are finally admitting that their goal has been confiscation all along.

They call it a "buy-back" because they believe the 2nd Amendment is a privilege, not a right. They believe that the government gave you the privilege to own weapons, and can therefore revoke it at any time.

Eric Swalwell is leading this push to force his two radical confiscation amendments into the gun control package.

Swalwell'sĀ first proposed amendment would eliminate any grandfathering provision. If you "possess" one of these guns or magazines when the ban goes into effect, you would be committing a felony. Only police and government agents would be allowed to continue owning these banned weapons and magazines...

The next provision would create a nationwide buyback program to confiscate all of these semi-automatic firearms and magazines. Americans would have 24 months to "voluntarily" surrender their weapons, after which government agents would begin going out into the country to confiscate them.

Democrats are also floating a provision that would force Americans to register their remaining guns with the government, so that there is a record of who owns what for the next time Congress authorizes confiscation raids...

Way back in 1995, Dianne Feinstein admitted during a television interview that if she had the votes back then to force Americans to turn them all in, she would have. But she came just a couple votes shy...

Ronald Reagan famously said that our rights are never more than a generation away from extinction. Now here we are, one generation later, and Democrats are back to finish the job!

Kill the GOP's gun control surrender plan before it's too late! Tell Congress to vote NO on the Left's proposed gun ban, magazine ban, and firearm registration scheme!

Rep. Steve King (R-NY) became the first Republican to formally sign onto the Assault Weapons Ban. Though Fred Upton (R-MI), Mike Turner (R-OH), and Brian Mast (R-FL) have all said they will vote for it as well.

In the Senate, Democrats are focusing on Mitt Romney (R-UT) (shown above). He signed a gun ban into law when he was Governor of Massachusetts in 2004. Since he just joined onto the bill to defund the border wall, Democrats are hoping they can get him to stab gun owners in the back as well. They are also courting Susan Collins (R-ME), Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), and Marco Rubio (R-FL). Rubio has been calling for a ban on so-called high capacity magazines for the last year.

If they get all of them to flip, then the Left has the votes to push this radical gun ban through.

What is the GOP doing? Are they fighting back? Trying to block this bill? Punishing Republicans who flip?

No, they are compromising. Instead of mandatory "buy-backs," the GOP are offering to vote for temporary ones. Instead of a complete semi-auto gun ban, some Republicans are floating forced gun registration requirements. And instead of passing the Left's insane 10-round magazine ban, Republicans are offering to set the limit at 15- or even 20-rounds.

All that would do is delay the inevitable. If the GOP caves and gives this to the Left, it is only a matter of time before they are able to impose their gun ban on the American people!

The GOP has spent the past month trying to figure out how much gun control they can push through before they would be removed from office. They think that they can get away with compromising on gun bans, magazine bans, and confiscation.

Just like Ronald Reagan said, it is up to YOU to stop this! It is up to YOU to strike fear into these Congressmen and Senators and force them to stand down.

There is still time to stop this, but the window is closing fast!

Your brother in arms,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily