We have just discovered ANOTHER poison pill amendment that, if passed, would shutdown Trump's border wall national emergency and end all wall construction projects for good!

This past week, I warned you that Republicans were gearing up to help Democrats pass an anti-border wall amendment in the Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act.

In Section 227 of the bill, it reads that “notwithstanding any other provision of law, no Federal funds may be used for the construction of physical barriers along the southern land border of the United States during fiscal year 2020.”

That one sentence alone would shut down all border wall construction for next year, the final year of Trump’s first term in office. Given the fact that there are over 450 miles of new border wall construction slated to be completed over the next year, this is a big deal. We went down the list and named the 25 Republicans in the House and Senate most likely to vote for this provision (since they already voted with Democrats back in March to revoke this border wall funding).

We launched a massive FaxBlast campaign pressuring Congress and the response from conservative Congressmen and Senators was excellent. They vowed to throw everything at the bill to stop this amendment from passing. But in the process, they discovered another open border amendment hidden on page 1689 of the National Defense Authorization Act as well. And Section 2801 of that bill is just as dangerous.

“Military construction funds may not be obligated, expended, or otherwise used to design or carry out a project to construct, replace, or modify a wall, fence, or other physical barrier along the international border between the United States and Mexico.”

This is like a political game of whack-a-mole. Just when we get Conservatives in Congress to finally start fighting against the open border Establishment, another equally dangerous amendment pops up in another spending bill!

And now, the GOP wants to rush this surrender amendment through!

Stop the surrender! Tell Congress right now that you will remove any Congressman or Senator, Republican or Democrat, who dares vote for any of these open border spending amendments!

Again, not only would this block new border wall construction, but it would also block modifications. Last year, we were facing a literal invasion at the border. I call it an invasion because the migrants scaled the border fence in California and started waving the Honduran Flag and singing their national anthem. There is nothing "racist" about calling that an invasion. If someone storms an international border waving the flag of their home country -- remember, a country that they were also allegedly fleeing -- then that is an invasion.

Anyway, in order to stop that invasion, Trump called up the Army and they covered the border fence with razor wire. And just like that, the crisis was averted. But this new amendment would outlaw even that.

This is the second hidden amendment we've found that would officially revoke President Trump’s border wall national emergency order and end all border wall construction. And the ban wouldn’t just apply to last year. It would apply to all military funding that has been approved since 2015.

The Establishment isn't taking any chances. They want to force this bill through this coming week to shut down border wall construction before you get a chance to rise up and stop them.

You cannot let them do this!

Don't let them slip these provisions through! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill each and every open border spending amendment... or else!

We have spent a lot of time naming and shaming the Establishment Republicans who have decided to team up with Democrats to try to shut down border wall construction.

But today, I want to name the conservatives who are fighting back because they desperately need your help.

I am talking about Representatives Bradley Byrne (AL), Paul Gosar (AZ), David Schweikert (AZ), Andy Biggs (AZ), Greg Steube (FL), Matt Gaetz (FL), Jody Hice (GA), Barry Loudermilk (GA), Mark Meadows (NC), Jeff Duncan (SC), Ralph Norman (SC), Randy Weber (TX), Ron Wright (TX), Michael Cloud (TX), and Chip Roy (TX).

They are fighting with everything they've got to strip these open border provisions from the spending bills before it is too late. But they need your help before time runs out! If even one of these anti-border wall amendments slips through, then we lose.

Unfortunately, Democrats are already starting to get Republicans to flip against the President. These cowards are willing to cave on anything to avoid a government shutdown, even if it means cancelling 450 miles of border wall construction.

They think that is the best way to hold onto their political power. It is up to YOU to prove them wrong!

Don't stop fighting!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily