From the very beginning, the GOP establishment has been looking for a way to remove Trump from office and stop him from implementing his America First agenda.

Paul Ryan had infamously said that he would never support President Trump, so it is no surprise that he went out of his way to block the Trump agenda. They knew that if they could stop Trump from fulfilling his promises, he would become a one-term President.

And when the Deep State came for the President, the GOP hopped on board and legitimized the nonsense claim that Donald J Trump was a Russian agent. 

But the Mueller probe turned up nothing. No collusion, no obstruction. And even though the GOP stopped Trump from getting almost anything through Congress, the President has forged ahead on his own. He has used his executive power to do things like secure the border, end the Obama-era policy of catch and release, and force the government to start vetting refugees. On trade and manufacturing, Trump has used his power to protect American industries and force foreign countries to stop ripping off the United States. The GOP hates all of this.

Now, the Deep State is trying to remove the President again. We now know that the CIA agent who filed the "whistleblower" report coordinated with Congressional Democrats before he submitted it. There are now allegations being levied that Top Ranking Democrats may have actually helped to write the "whistleblower" report.

The whole thing is just another set-up. And now, of course, the Republicans are falling for it again...

Two days ago, there were 55 Republicans who were refusing to comment on whether Trump should be impeached. They claimed that they wanted to think things over a bit more before choosing a side on whether or not Donald Trump should be impeached.

We launched a major campaign to put pressure on these traitors. I can now say that 41 of those 55 responded and publicly declared that they were against removing the President from office, at least for now. The 14 that are still refusing to definitively pick a side are Reps. Mark Amodei (NV), Gus Bilirakis (FL), Paul Cook (CA), Anthony Gonzalez (OH), Kay Grander (TX), David Joyce (OH), Trent Kelly (MS), Kenny Marchant TX), Bill Posey (FL), Francis Rooney (FL), Christopher Smith (NJ), Van Taylor (TX), Mac Thornberry (TX), and Daniel Webster (FL).

And in the Senate, we are facing even new challenges. Mitch McConnell announced that if House Democrats vote for impeachment, then the Senate will have no choice but to put Trump on trial.

The Constitution simply says that the "Senate shall have the sole power to try all impeachments." Nowhere does the Constitution require that the Senate comply with the House of Representatives' demands. But McConnell has decided that if Trump is impeached, he will hold a vote to remove the President from office.

So now, the GOP establishment is working overtime to whip up the GOP votes to remove Trump from office. One of Mitt Romney's former staffers revealed that Mitt Romney's office believes that they can flip 30 Republicans to turn against the President. Former Senator Jeff Flake believes that number could be as high as 35, and he is actively pressuring Republicans to join the Democrats and abandon Trump all together.

Flake says that the GOP needs to remove Trump from office in order to "save their souls."

Here is the good news. The pressure is working. We bombarded Congress with a quarter million faxblasts and in just a couple of days, forced 41 Republicans to abandon their impeachment dreams. That was all YOU! You convinced them that supporting impeachment would be political suicide.

But now the GOP turncoats are fighting back. They are pressuring Republican Congressmen and Senators to vote to remove Donald Trump from office.

Donald Trump's approval rate has actually gone up since this impeachment nonsense started. The GOP establishment knows that their only way to remove Trump from office is to do it before the next election...

It is up to you to stop this treachery!

Stop this GOP treachery before it's too late! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and force them to KILL the Pelosi-Schiff impeachment inquiry right now... or else!

A new Harris-Hill poll released yesterday shows Trump at 49% approval across the country. That is just two points lower than his highest poll numbers ever.

This is exactly what we predicted. Impeachment is backfiring. The American people are seeing through Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff's lies.

But the Left is moving forward anyway and the GOP establishment knows this is their last and best chance to finally remove Trump from office!

This just another Democrat-Deep State coup. We now know that the "whistleblower" went to the Democrats for advice before he filed his complaint. The Left conspired with this anti-Trump CIA operative to kickstart their impeachment push. 

And now the GOP wants to help them finish the job!

You CANNOT let these GOP traitors get away with this!

You need to take a stand right here and right now!

Fight back right now!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily