As we reported, the Supreme Court is all set to hear the legal case dealing with Barack Obama's amnesty executive order. It is amazing that we are almost three years into the Trump Presidency and we still have the former-President's illegal alien amnesty program in place.

We've covered it before, but here is a brief synopsis. Congress has the authority under the constitution to pass immigration laws, which they have done. One of those laws makes it a crime to enter the United States without permission. These people are legally defined as illegal aliens. Anyone caught in the country illegally is subject to deportation.

To disincentivize illegal immigration, Congress has also passed laws prohibiting American companies from hiring illegals. There is no way for an illegal alien to legally work in the United States.

Barack Obama tried to get Congress to pass an amnesty bill during his second term, but the House and Senate refused. So, Obama decided to take action on his own, signing an executive order declaring "Deferred Action." President Obama told 700,000 illegal aliens that even though they were eligible for deportation, the would not take enforcement action against them. In other words, Obama promised not to enforce our immigration laws.

And even though it is against the law for illegal aliens to work in the US, Obama promised not to enforce that law either and had the government hand out "permits" authorizing these amnesty recipients to work in the country.

The entire Obama amnesty executive order is based on his promise turn a blind eye and not prosecute illegal aliens for their crimes. When Donald Trump took office, he decided that he wanted the laws enforced as written. He revoked the amnesty executive order and gave Congress six months to come up with a legislative compromise.

But before the six months came around, liberal judges intervened to stop Trump from revoking Obama's order. They declared that Trump must continue to not enforce the law, the way Obama promised these illegal aliens. These radical leftist judges declared that Pres.Trump cannot enforce our immigration laws as-written.

Now, that case has finally reached the Supreme Court where Justices are expected to rule against these Leftist Judges and finally allow Trump to end the Obama amnesty executive order.

But Republicans and Democrats are saying 'not so fast.' Not only are they working together to make Obama's amnesty program permanent, but they want to quadruple its size and offer all of these illegal aliens US citizenship!

The bill is H.R. 6. The House passed it as a standalone bill back in June, but the Senate refused to take it up. 

But Democrats aren't finished. They are trying work with GOP Senators to attach their bill to other pieces of legislation, such as the annual spending package, in order to slip it through. 

The bill would not only make Obama's amnesty executive order permanent, but it would expand amnesty protection to over 2.5 million illegal aliens. Not only would they be allowed to continue living and working here, but H.R. 6 would put them on a pathway to citizenship as well.

But here is the real kicker: the amnesty offer is being extended to illegal alien convicted criminals too. The bill states that illegal aliens convicted of one or two misdemeanor crimes would still be eligible for citizenship. Just so we are clear, a misdemeanor is any crime punishable with less than 1-year in prison. So, as long as the illegal aliens have spent less than two years in prison, they would be put on the pathway to citizenship.

However, the bill doesn't stop there. It also creates a probation period for illegal aliens who have committed 3 or 4 misdemeanors, putting them on probation for 5 or 10 years (respectively). If they aren't caught committing any other crimes in that timeframe, then they would get American citizenship too...

This is why you see liberal governors pardoning more and more illegal alien criminals and leftist prosecutors allowing illegals to plead down their charges. This has been happening for years. If you are an illegal alien arrested in a liberal jurisdiction, you have a higher likelihood of being allowed to plead your felony down to a misdemeanor because felonies lead to automatic deportation.

I recently met a woman who had her identity stolen by an illegal alien. Instead of facing a Felony Identity Theft charge, the suspect was allowed to plead down to Misdemeanor Possession of Forged Documents. 

This bill is literally designed to give citizenship to illegal alien convicted criminals... And the Establishment Republicans, like Lindsey Graham, Mitt Romney, and Marco Rubio, think this is a fabulous idea.

When Obama first signed his amnesty order, the Republican Party promised to fight it with everything they had. But now that the executive order is about to be revoked, these same GOPers are scrambling to help Democrats make it permanent...

Stop the GOP and Dems from making Obama's amnesty executive order permanent! Please, fight back before it's too late and tell Congress you will remove any Congressman or Senator, Republican or Democrat, who helps push H.R. 6 or any other amnesty bill through!

Republicans want to pass an amnesty bill because their corporate donors demand it. Organizations like the Chamber of Commerce want to be able to hire cheap, illegal alien workers because they know they can pay them less than Americans. That is what is driving the GOP's surrender on this issue.

Democrats, however, have a much more sinister goal. They want more voters. Projections show that if millions of illegal aliens are given US citizenship, Florida and Georgia will flip to solid-Blue states, North Carolina and Arizona will become nearly impossible for Republicans to win, and Texas would become a swing state. Democrats would control Congress and the White House for decades to come.

That is what this amnesty legislation would do.

This is the biggest amnesty threat we have ever faced. Just as the Obama amnesty executive order is about to be struck down, the GOP and Democrats are working together to save it.

Not only do they want to expand the program to give amnesty and citizenship to millions of illegal aliens, but their bill covers illegal alien convicted criminals too.

It is the ultimate betrayal...

Luckily, there are still Conservatives left in the House and Senate willing to fight back against this. But they cannot stop it alone and they are running out of time.

They need your help right now! 

Don't let them pass it!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily