All week, Republican leaders have been meeting with their Democrat counter parts to try to find "common ground" in order to pass next year's spending bills. If Congress does not pass 12 appropriations bills by mid-November, then parts of the government will have to shut down.

This shouldn't be controversial. Congress has to pass these dozen spending bills. It is one of their constitutional obligations.

Democrats, however, are refusing to let ANY of the bills reach Trump's desk unless the GOP agrees to pull the plug on border wall construction.

As you know, Trump decided to go it alone to build the border wall. He used his power under the National Emergencies Act and reprogrammed Pentagon funding to allow border wall construction to begin. New border wall sections are now being built in California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas. When all is said and done, Trump plans to almost double the pedestrian fencing that was in place when he took office.

Democrats are furious. They have now notified the GOP leadership that they will continue holding our national security hostage and threatening to block the most important government spending bills unless Republicans cave and agree to shutdown the border wall project.

And these RINOs are so fearful of being blamed for another shutdown, they are already agreeing to the Left's demands!

Democrats are trying to use the Power of the Purse to cancel all border wall construction. The House Appropriations Committee has now approved TWO anti-border wall amendments that, if passed, would do just that...

This week, the Department of Homeland Security announced that just shy of 80 miles of new border wall has gone up so far and that over 159 miles of wall are currently under construction. Once those are completed, construction crews will begin building another 220 miles of wall. The administration says that there will be at least 450 miles of NEW border wall built by the end of next September.

Trump has secured the funding. The land has been acquired and the contracts with vendors and construction crews have been signed. A mile of new border wall is going up every single day.

That is why Democrats are fighting so hard to strip the funding. They know that if they don't claw the money back, then the border wall will be built.

So, they have approved two amendments. The first is in the DHS spending bill and is designed to block Homeland Security employees from using any Federal funds to build, renovate, or repair border barriers at the US-Mexico border. It is so broad that Border Patrol agents would not even be allowed to patch sections of the border wall that illegal aliens breach.

The next amendment is designed to pull the plug on Trump's executive order. In the Defense Department spending bill, Democrats have included a provision blocking any Pentagon funds from going towards border security efforts. Not only would that claw back the funding currently being used to build the border wall, but it would also prohibit Trump from ever again using troops or defense resources at the border.

Democrats are hoping that these amendments will be a one-two punch and knockout the President's border security plans. All Republicans have to do to beat them is say "no." All the GOP has to do is stand their ground and refuse to cave to the Left's demands.

Right on schedule, GOP leaders are now admitting they will need to cut Trump's border security funding in order to pass this spending package...

All they have to do to win is hold the line, but the Republican leadership is already running away!

We have been fighting for this for years. Thanks to Donald Trump's leadership, we are finally seeing the border wall go up.

The wall that has already been built is working. Border Patrol says that illegal immigration and smuggling is almost non-existent in these sections now.

Trump is committed to securing the border. Just last week, he approved an additional 200 million in funding for the border wall. That funding was going to go towards helping Afghanistan enforce their drug laws. Instead, it will now be used to stop drugs from being smuggled into our country... 

Republicans have been promising to secure the border for decades. We finally have a President willing to build the wall, no matter what, and the GOP wants to pull the rug out from under him instead.

Democrats and their RINO allies know that they are running out of time. Every day, another mile of new border wall goes up. They know that if they want to kill the border wall project, they need to do it right now. That is what makes this anti-wall push so dangerous.

The amendments have been approved. They would outlaw all border wall construction and claw the funding back from Trump's national emergency order.

The GOP cannot be trusted to fight back. It is up to YOU to hold their feet to the fire and stop this border wall surrender in its tracks!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily