Yesterday, President Trump backtracked. He abandoned his support for H.R.8, the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019.

Why? The pressure simply got to be too much. President Trump realized that American gun owners would never accept such a radical gun control bill.

The Left wants to force Americans to ask the government for permission every time they want to transfer a firearm. Right now there are background checks whenever you purchase a firearm from a licensed dealer. That is because the government has a record of every new gun manufactured in the country. That is how they can enforce the background check law we have now. If a gun turns up at a crime scene, they can trace it back to the gun store that sold it.

H.R. 8 would have included private transfers as well. But in order to enforce universal background checks, the Federal government would need to keep a database of all of the guns in the country. Without it, there would be no way to tell whether guns are legally transferred. So when you hear leftists demand universal background checks, they are really demanding a nationwide registry of American gun owners.

World history teaches us that every time countries have imposed registration requirements like this, they were eventually used to confiscate guns from the people. We saw it in the USSR and Nazi Germany. This is what happened in the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. We see how disastrous this was for democracy in countries like Venezuela and China... That is the Democrats' ultimate dream: civilian disarmament.

But while President Trump is abandoning this bill, he is still promising to "enhance" the country's background check system. He is calling this new background check bill a "compromise," but it is anything but... The new bill that Republicans are pushing would give the government the power to block law-abiding Americans from purchasing firearms all together!

Don't let the GOP and Democrats push through this "compromise" gun control bill! Tell Congress right now that they MUST kill this new gun control legislation... or else they will be removed from office!

The new bill being pushed is H.R.1112, the Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2019, and it is just as dangerous as any of the Left's other gun control proposals!

Right now, the FBI has 72 hours to process a gun background check. Practically all of the background checks are completed within an hour, but this provision gives the FBI time to double check any red flags that come up. If the FBI can't complete the instant background check after three days, then the gun owner is allowed to take the firearm home anyway.

This was an important compromise when the current background check law passed in 1994. Without it, the legislation never would have had enough votes to pass. But now, Democrats want to do away with the compromise entirely. The Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2019 would change the law to give the FBI ten business days to complete an "instant" background check. If you want to appeal a rejection, then the FBI would have another ten business days to process the appeal. Combined, that is an entire month

This is by design. An ATF 4473 background check form is only valid for one month. If you don't pick up a firearm within a month of filling out the paperwork, you have to do it all over again. This is to make sure that you haven't committed a crime in the meantime.

If the government has the power to spend an entire month to processing a background check, then they would have the power to simply block millions of law-abiding Americans from purchasing firearms all together! The forms would expire before the background checks are completed. 

This is the new bill that Republicans and the President are now pushing. They know that they can't get away with creating a nationwide gun owner registry, so they want to pass this background check bill instead. They are desperate to "do something," even if that "something" means surrendering on the 2nd Amendment!

It is exactly what the Democrats have always dreamed of, and now the Republicans are going to give it to them...

Don't let the GOP and Democrats push through this "compromise" gun control bill! Tell Congress right now that they MUST kill this gun control legislation... or else!

The pressure is working. In just the span of two weeks, we have forced the GOP to stand down on their plan to pass a universal gun registration bill.

But the fight is not over. Another Republican also just caved. Rep. Pete King (R-NY) just announced that he is now supporting the Left's gun control package. That includes their gun ban proposal, confiscation bill, and this terrible background check bill. 

Not every Democrat is on board with Pelosi's gun control agenda, though. There are plenty of Democrats up for re-election in pro-Trump districts that understand it would be political suicide to vote for this bill. Likewise, there are still Conservatives in the House and Senate fighting to kill this legislation.

But if the Democrats can get even just a few Republicans to flip, then it is all over.

Both parties are trying to figure out how far they can go on gun control before it hurts them politically.

It is up to you to tell them "Not One Step Forward!"

We can stop the Left from giving the government the power to block law abiding Americans from purchasing firearms.

We can still kill this bill, but it has to be right now!

Don't let the GOP and Democrats sneak through this "compromise" gun control bill! Send your instant message to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill the Enhanced Background Checks Act before it's too late!

Don't let them push this through,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily