On Tuesday, Democrats pushed three new gun control bills through the House Judiciary Committee. One of those bills was the Extreme Risk Protection Order Act of 2019, the legislation that has emerged as the GOP's compromise gun control plan.

As you know, this legislation would create a new Federal class of prohibited person, allowing the government to disarm any American that a court deems to be "dangerous."

Right now, Federal law is clear. In order for someone to lose their God-given gun rights, they have to do something wrong and the government has to prove it. That is called due process. In order to secure a confiscation order, the government has to file criminal charges against a suspect and then prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that they are guilty.

The Left wants to abolish this basic due process protection. We already knew that the Extreme Risk Protection Order Act would allow prosecutors to get a 30-day confiscation order by convincing a judge that there is "reasonable cause" someone is dangerous. But in yesterday's hearing, the Committee went even further and approved a bill that would also allow for permanent confiscation orders. 

Democrats and Republicans have been meeting in private for over a year to put this bill together. Now, we know just how much the Establishment Republicans surrendered...

Under this Red Flag bill, disarmament orders would become permanent if prosecutors can convince a judge that someone is dangerous based on the "Preponderance of Evidence."

What does that mean, you ask? The Preponderance of Evidence standard simply means that something is more likely than not to be true. If a judge believes that someone is at least 51% likely likely to be dangerous, then the judge would be able to permanently disarm him or her. 

That isn't even enough to convict someone of jaywalking in this country. While this lower standard is used to decide civil and family law cases, it is NOT enough to prove someone is a criminal. The Constitution doesn't allow it because these people are still legally considered innocent. 

We here at Conservative Daily support taking guns out of the hands of criminals and the dangerously mentally ill. But that is not what this bill does. This bill legalizes and encourages firearm confiscation raids against innocent people!

This is the "compromise" that the GOP has been working on. For weeks, they have promised that they will work with Democrats to "do something" on guns. Now, we know what that "something" is, and it is far worse than we ever imagined...

You must rise up and stop the Democrats and GOP from passing this gun confiscation bill! Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress now and force them to kill the Extreme Risk Protection Order Act before it's too late!

Lindsey Graham is leading the push in the Senate to pass this unconstitutional gun confiscation bill. His bill is nearly identical to the version that the House Committee has just approved. and that is by design. The Establishment wants to push this bill through as fast as possible so that YOU don't have time to stop it!

In every state where Red Flag laws have been implemented over the past year, we have seen them be abused. A Florida man just this past month had his guns confiscated and carry permit revoked because he has the same name as a domestic abuser. In Connecticut, police arrested a man who threatened to carry out a school shooting. But while the suspect was locked up, police used that state's red flag law to also confiscate firearms from his law-abiding father.

In California, Red Flag laws have been used against law-abiding gun owners who were ruled "dangerous" because they said they would use their guns to protect themselves and their homes. Self-defense preparedness itself is now being labeled as proof someone is dangerous.

A Maryland man was shot and killed in his own doorway last Fall because he refused to surrender his God-given right to self defense without a hearing. He was completely innocent, by the way. A family member turned him in to police to 'get even' after the two had a heated argument.

Now, the Democrats and GOP want to create a Federal Red Flag confiscation program...

Let me be absolutely clear: If the government can disarm innocent people, and permanently confiscate their guns without even charging them with a crime, then gun ownership ceases to be a right. If this bill passes, then gun ownership becomes a privilege that can be revoked at any time. This is a proposal to dismantle the 2nd Amendment as we know it.

Now that the first committee hearing has been held, this is going to speed up. If you want to stop this, it is now or never!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily