Breaking News: President Trump just endorsed a plan to impose term limits on all of Congress!

Here we go. President Trump ran on a campaign promise to drain the swamp. That included implementing term limits for members of Congress.

Currently, more than 20 members of the House and Senate have "served" for more than 30 years. I use the word "service" lightly because they treat it as a career. 

Mitch McConnell has been in office for 33 years. Does anyone really think that McConnell shows up to work with fresh ideas after more than three decades?

News just broke that Mitch McConnell and his wife -- current Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao -- may have used their influence to get lucrative shipping contracts for their inlaws.

Mitch McConnell has a net worth of 22.5 million. He wants you to believe that comes from "government service."

This is what the swamp. Personal enrichment disguised as public service.

Last week, Donald Trump held a secret meeting with new Congressmen and Senators on forcing term limits through. Now, the White House is putting maximum pressure on the rest of Congress to implement real term limits!

Trump is onboard! Tell Congress that they must pass the Thomas Jefferson Public Service Act and impose term limits on all members of Congress!

I recently had a terrific meeting with a bipartisan group of freshman lawmakers who feel very strongly in favor of Congressional term limits," the President just announced. "I gave them my full support and endorsement for their efforts. Drain the swamp."

There are a couple different proposals making their way through Congress. 

Senator Ted Cruz's plan would set a hard limit for how long someone can serve in the House of Representatives or the Senate.  His bill would have to be passed as a Constitutional amendment, which wouldn't be easy.

Another proposal would allow Congressmen and Senators to stay in office, but it would cut their pay and benefits to a single dollar if they stay in office too long. The pay cut plan, which has the backing of the entire Freedom Caucus, would only need to be passed as a law. Instead of requiring a 2/3 vote in both the House and the Senate, Rep. Francis Rooney's Thomas Jefferson Public Service Act of 2018 can pass with just a simple majority.

This is the bill that President Trump is now getting behind. 

When Trump took office, he declined to take a paycheck. In his mind, it just wouldn't be right to profit off of his service. The Thomas Jefferson Public Service Act of 2018 would apply that same standard to Congress. You see, Jefferson believed in the power of citizen legislators. Public office was considered a public service and he never thought we would get to the point where we would have career politicians.

It's common sense. Governing is a public service, not a career!

Send your instant message to Congress and force them to pass the Thomas Jefferson Public Service Act!

Rooney now has the President's full support, taking this relatively unknown bill and putting it on the fast track. It also apparently has bipartisan support.

Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and the rest of the GOP leadership aren't going to schedule the votes on their own.

It is up to YOU to hold their feet to the fire and demand it!

President Trump is making a push and he needs your help! Please, send your instant message to Congress and DEMAND they pass the Thomas Jefferson Public Service Act right now!