The Freedom Caucus has officially drafted articles of impeachment against Deep State official Rod Rosenstein.

The Deputy Attorney General continues to defy Congressional subpoenas by refusing to hand over documents to a number of Congressional committees. News also just broke that Rosenstein signed off on at least one secret surveillance warrant that relied on the fake news Clinton-funded dossier as evidence.

Yesterday, Rosenstein was asked what he thought about the impeachment articles drafted against him.

He laughed and told the reporter that he will not be intimidated by Conservatives.

I don't care if he feels intimidated or not, but he must be removed from office!

Please, send your instant message to Congress and DEMAND they shut this witch hunt down by impeaching Deep Stater Rod Rosenstein!

We also just learned the questions that Robert Mueller intends to ask President Trump. They have nothing to do with collusion, as we suspected, and show that the Special Counsel's witch hunt is getting desperate.

Rod Rosenstein oversees the Mueller witch hunt. He is the one approving Robert Mueller's fishing expedition. He is the one who signed off on the raid against President Trump's personal lawyer.

One of the questions Mueller wants to ask Trump surrounds the decision to fire James Comey. It was Rod Rosenstein who made that recommendation to the President, and now Rosenstein is allowing Mueller to investigate Trump for obeying his orders.

He must be removed.

The fact that Rosenstein publicly laughed at the articles of impeachment against him shows just how bad this has gotten. He believes he is untouchable.

Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) just blasted Mueller -- and Rosenstein's oversight -- for abandoning the collusion narrative and trying to lure President Trump into a perjury trap.

"I think really they're not trying to investigate a crime," DeSantis said on Sean Hannity's show, "they are trying to manufacture a process crime."

DeSantis is one of the Conservatives behind these new articles of impeachment. They have already been drafted and the Freedom Caucus is now collecting co-sponsors.

Help wipe that smile off of Rod Rosenstein's face!

Tell Congress right now that they MUST move to impeach Rod Rosenstein!

Rosenstein controls the Mueller investigation. Firing him would not only end the deep state cover-up we're seeing, but it would also give President Trump the authority to nominate a replacement. That replacement would then decide whether Mueller should be shutdown.

Members of Congress have listened to you. The articles of impeachment against Rosenstein have already been drafted.

A year and a half into the Trump Presidency, Conservatives in Congress are finally fighting back against the Deep State.

It's time to take the fight to them.

Help finish this,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily