If the new compromise amnesty bill passes, illegal alien convicted criminals would automatically become eligible to become American citizens.

President Trump is standing his ground. Next week, the United States Solicitor General will appear before the Supreme Court and ask for the Court to allow the President to revoke Barack Obama's amnesty executive order.

Just think about that for a second... Barack Obama signed an executive order promising not to arrest and deport illegal aliens, but Donald Trump has to go all the way to the Supreme Court to get permission to enforce the law again...

Democrats are starting to get nervous. They are terrified that Obama's amnesty executive order could finally be revoked.

President Trump has offered Congress a deal. He wants full border security, an end to all of the asylum loopholes, massive reforms to our legal immigration system, and the ability to impose a merit-based immigration system. Once all of that passes and is implemented, the President says that then, and only then, can we discuss what to do with the millions of illegal aliens who are already in the country.

Ronald Reagan tried to get a similar deal. But he made the mistake of signing the amnesty legislation before the border security provisions passed. Once millions of illegal aliens were legalized, Democrats turned on Reagan and refused to pass the border security bill. The same happened with George W. Bush. He agreed to relax immigration enforcement if Democrats approved the border barrier. Bush honored the deal, but Pelosi and the Democrats refused to approve funding for the border fence.

Now, Democrats want Trump to make the same suicidal mistake. They are demanding a clean amnesty bill, with no strings attached!

Say NO to amnesty for illegal alien criminals! Tell Congress right now that anyone who votes for this insane amnesty plan will be removed from office!

The bill is called the American Dream and Promise Act. It passed the House back in June as a standalone bill, but the Senate refused to even take it up.

But now that Congress is negotiating the annual spending package, Liberals believe they have the leverage to finally push their amnesty bill through.

The legislation would give amnesty and a pathway to citizenship to at least 2.5 million illegal aliens. I use the words "at least" because that is only an estimate. Since we don't know how many illegal aliens are actually in the country, there is no way of knowing precisely how many will qualify under the Democrats' bill.

What we do know is that the Left is trying to make it as easy as possible for illegal aliens to qualify. That is why their legislation includes a provision granting citizenship to convicted criminals. As long as illegal aliens have not committed more than two misdemeanors, the American Dream and Promise Act would automatically make them eligible for both amnesty and American citizenship.

As long as illegal aliens have spent less than two years in prison, they will automatically get amnesty. No questions asked.

But liberal activists claimed that wasn't good enough and warned that setting the cut off at 2 misdemeanors would break up hundreds of thousands of illegal alien families. No, that is not a joke. The Democrats are worried their amnesty bill would force too many illegal alien criminals out of the country.

So, they added what they are calling a "humanitarian exemption."

"For humanitarian purposes, family unity, or if otherwise in the public interest, the Secretary [of Homeland Security] may... waive the grounds of inadmissibility." 

It gives the Secretary of Homeland Security the authority to waive up to two additional misdemeanor convictions. That means that as long as the illegal aliens hasn't committed more than FOUR misdemeanor crimes, they would have a pathway to amnesty and even US citizenship... 

So not only would this bill legalize millions of illegal aliens, but it would apply to convicted criminals as well... This is insane.

But what is even more insane is that the GOP wants to help Democrats pass it.

With the Supreme Court set to overturn Obama's amnesty program entirely, cowards like Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, Susan Collins, Mitt Romney, and Lisa Murkowski are trying to push this amnesty bill through before it's too late!

Say NO to amnesty for illegal alien criminals! Tell Congress right now that anyone who votes for this insane amnesty plan will be removed from office!

Ever since Democrats introduced their amnesty bill back in 2013, we have fought to stop Congress from passing it into law. With your help, we have held Republicans' and Democrats' feet to the fire and forced them to stand down. 

But now that the Supreme Court is set to rule, the Establishment's true colors are coming out. Not only are Republicans and Democrats working together to make Obama's amnesty executive permanent, but they want to make it 4x bigger and offer amnesty and citizenship to convicted criminals too.

We knew that the GOP would likely start caving, but we never thought they would surrender this much...

As I said, the Supreme Court case is being heard next week. The Establishment knows they are out of time.

That is why it is so important for you to rise up and defeat this treachery right now!

The GOP is surrendering. The only question left is will you let them?

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily