This is it. The impeachment trial begins tomorrow.

If you had told me back in 2017 that Democrats would actually succeed in impeaching President Trump over non-crimes, I would have said 'you're crazy.'

I call them non-crimes because that is what they are. The Constitution allows Congress to impeach the President for committing "high crimes and misdemeanors." But nowhere in the US Code is there a statute defining "obstruction of Congress" or "abuse of power." Given the fact that Democrats have spent years claiming Trump was breaking the law, it is amazing that they couldn't actually find a statute to accuse him of...

As a result, this "trial" in the Senate really isn't a trial at all. Trials are largely objective. In most cases, the law is clearly defined. A defendant is either guilty or not guilty. But because the Democrats impeached Trump for non-crimes, objectivity is impossible. The whole thing is based on feelings and emotions, not facts.

But that is also what makes this so dangerous. Unlike real trials, the jurors in this case don't have to be unbiased. After all, Congressmen and Senators still represent their constituents. Instead of the jury being sequestered to make sure the public doesn't influence their vote, the impeachment process is all about influencing Congress.

What happens over the next few weeks will define the future of this country. And make no mistake: Democrats getting closer and closer to being able to remove Trump from office!

Stop the GOP betrayal before it's too late! Send your urgent letter to Congress right now and threaten to remove any Congressman or Senator, Republican or Senator, who dares participate in this attempted coup!

Lindsey Graham made news over the weekend when he admitted that the GOP doesn't have the votes to dismiss the case. There are simply too many Republicans siding with Democra

Just think about that for a second. The impeachment articles do not even point to actual crimes being committed. That, combined with the gross deprivation of due process during the impeachment process, warrants an immediate dismissal. But between 6 and 12 Republicans want to hear from "witnesses." Again, they can't be "witnesses" because there was no crime to commit...

Why are Republicans caving again? They are getting hammered by liberal organizations. Pelosi held onto the impeachment articles for three weeks to give leftists time to pressure GOPers into siding with them.  

It is working. First, Mitt Romney (UT) flipped. Next, it was Lisa Murkowski (AK) and Susan Collins (ME). Then, we heard that Sen. Rob Portman (OH) wanted to hear from witnesses too.

That was it. Those four Republicans, combined with the Democrats, give Chuck Schumer the power to force Trump advisors, and potentially even the President himself, to testify under oath answer for these non-crimes.

But the GOP didn't stop there. We now are hearing that Thom Tillis (NC), Martha McSally (AZ), and Cory Gardner (CO) are siding with Dems too because they think it will help them win re-election. Then there's Mike Enzi (WY), Pat Roberts (KS), and Lamar Alexander (TN). All three are retiring and no longer need to fear being kicked out of office. Alexander has already said he will vote with Schumer and the Democrats. 

Schumer claims to have two additional Republicans who aren't willing to publicly reveal themselves yet. That brings the number up to a dozen GOP traitors. All of a sudden, the Democrats have a path to actually succeeding in removing Trump from office.

And they are throwing everything they have at this. They are spending millions to lobby and pressure Republicans and Democrats alike to vote to convict the President.

They know that this is their best shot at undoing the 2016 election. That is what this has always been about. The Establishments of both parties believe the American people got it wrong in 2016. Every "investigation" since then has been to try to undo that vote...

That is why it is so important to fight back. We cannot take anything for granted. Trump committed no crimes and the Democrats do not even accuse him of violating any actual laws. But the GOP is so spineless, there are nonetheless 12 GOPers who still want to hear evidence and witness testimony... for non-crimes.

The GOP cannot be trusted. You MUST put pressure on them to do the right thing and shut this down!

Stop the GOP betrayal before it's too late! Send your urgent letter to Congress right now and threaten to remove any Congressman or Senator, Republican or Senator, who dares participate in this attempted coup!

Now or never to fight back!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily